4 Common Tree Removal Accidents

4 Common Tree Removal Accidents

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You must be aware that the trees require regular treatment. If a tree dies, there’s a possibility it will damage nearby structures if you don’t cut it down. You can attempt to do it yourself if you have the needed equipment. However, you’ll risk getting into these types of accidents:

Cuts – When you use chainsaws and hacksaws the wrong way, you’ll get cuts on your arms and legs. Therefore, it’s important to know the proper way of using cutting equipment. Besides, you only need to spend a few minutes reading the instruction manual. If you hold that equipment the wrong way, you may even injure the people around you.

Being Struck – One of the most common injuries involving this task is getting struck by a falling object. In this case, the objects are usually branches. You never know when it’s going to happen so it’s safer to always wear a helmet.

Poisoning – While climbing a tree, you may be exposed to poisonous plants like poison ivy and poison sumac. The worst part is you won’t be able to detect them because their leaves blend in with the trees. When your skin gets exposed to those plants, you’ll get blisters or infections.

Stings and Bites – Various animals can call your tree their home and they won’t like it if someone tries to cut it down. As a result, they’ll attack the cutter. If you’re dealing with bees or wasps, they’ll sting you but if you’re dealing with squirrels or racoons, they’ll bite you.

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