6 Amazing Carpet Cleaning Hacks

6 Amazing Carpet Cleaning Hacks

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No matter how much effort you put in to keep your carpets in its top condition, accidental spills and stains can definitely happen to your carpets. During these instances, you need instant solutions to contain and, if possible, instantly treat the damage even you perform your scheduled carpet cleaning task.

Here are some hacks you can use when you don’t have carpet cleaning materials with you.

Lint roller for tiny particles

Carpets are fabrics where lint rollers can do their magic. You can use them to remove food crumbs, dust particles, hairs and other materials that vacuum cleaners cannot remove. Put some elbow grease on these areas and use the lint remover until you collect all the particles.

Baking soda for oil stains

Did you dropped or spilled oil on your carpet? Bring baking soda to the rescue. Spread baking soda liberally on the stained area and leave it until it absorbs the oil, forming into a sort of dry flakes. Take them off using a vacuum cleaner. This process can leave you with a lighter stain, which you can entirely remove by dabbing.

Rubbing alcohol for nail polish

Stains from nail polish spill can be annoying. Once you encounter this mess, apply rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover at once then wait for it to dry. Using a butter knife, chip off the dried nail polish. Then gently dab it with a paper towel or cloth until the dissolved nail polish is absorbed.

Ice cube for chewing gums

Chewing gums are eyesores on your carpet. This sticky adhesive waste is almost impossible to remove from any fibre if it is still wet. To get this sticky substance out of your carpet, Put an ice cube for half a minute to freeze it. You can use a spoon to scrape off the frozen gum.

Squeegee for pet hair

Pet hair can difficult to remove. Using lint rollers may work for removing long hairs. But this hack may not be effective for pulling out very short hairs. The squeegee that you use in your windows may be a potent pet hair removal tool. Water it and use it like you are cleaning your window.

Vinegar to fluff your carpet

The fibres on the high traffic areas of your carpet are prone to lose its “bounciness.” Vinegar can act as a hair conditioner to these flattened fibres. Dilute vinegar with an equal amount of water and spray it on these areas. After the fibres absorbed the mixture, take a spoon and run it sideways to loosen them.

So, before you rush to buy carpet cleaning materials in a nearby store or call professionals for help, remember to use some common household materials to remove the damage and keep your carpet look unblemished. However, if the carpet stain is too much for you to clean, hiring Melbourne carpet cleaning will be the best option for you. They have the best cleaning tools and cleaning techniques that can make your carpets stain-free again.