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Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Home Improvement |

8 Key Reasons To Install Plantation Shutters

If you are interested in getting a window treatment for your home, then you better consider getting plantation shutters. This may be expensive but it is a great alternative to have since they provide a clean look and great appeal to the home. The plantation shutters from Northern Beaches is a good investment which will actually pay off in the long run.

It should be worth it to get plantation shutters. There are benefits that are worth noting for them. Here are some of the top reasons why homeowners should have plantation shutters installed in the home.

1. Aesthetics

The interior shutters are certainly very attractive. They come in various finishes and sizes. You can even choose different mounting options for them. If you are checking up an interior design that fits well with the home, you should definitely choose plantation shutters.

2. Privacy

The interior shutters are easily adjustable which allows you to control how much light comes inside the home. The shutter is also perfect in keeping people’s prying eyes out. Choosing interior shutters just means that you can improve your home’s privacy.

3. Durability

There is no doubt that the custom interior shutters are more durable than any other options you can think of. After all, they are built to last for a long time. Most of the shutters even come with a warranty. Most of the shutters even require replacement only after a few years.


4. Ventilation

Remember that you can control the shutters as you want. While that can already improve the privacy of your home, another benefit to the shutter is that you can improve house ventilation with it. You just open the windows to allow air to circulate inside the home. You can even make adjustments to maximize ventilation – all that without compromising the resident’s privacy.

5. Easy to clean

The shutters are practically maintenance-free. You just have to make use of a damp cloth to wipe off grime, dust, and dirt. You don’t have to do it frequently too. Most of all, you don’t have to take them down just so you can clean them. Just give the plantation shutters a quick wipe down.

6. Child-proof

If you have children at home, then it is definitely a good choice to pick this shutter. After all, the said shutter doesn’t have any dangling strings or cords that may strangle the children. You don’t have to worry about the window coverings suffocating children too.

7. Energy-saving

Shutters are very well-known as perfect insulators. They can easily deflect sunlight. Since the shutters can act as insulators for the home, you can bet that your energy bill will go down. Installing this particular shutter is perfect regardless of whether it is winter or summer.

8. Capital Home Improvement

Installing this particular shutter in the home can actually be considered as a capital improvement on the home. This just means that you can enjoy tax savings, especially when you sell the house in the future.

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