A Picture-Perfect Shot On Your Business

A Picture-Perfect Shot On Your Business

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With the growing industry of photo booth hire, you may have contemplated on entering the business as well. Alongside your budget allocation, these are some aspects to help you start up your picture-perfect venture.

Entirety of the Photo booth

Your photo booth must be complete in package: its dimensions and structure, hardware, software, and supplies. Think of a photo booth that can accommodate a squad or a clique but not too big that it significantly occupies a large space of the venue. Consider one that can be easily assembled and disassembled for ease of transport, storage, and convenience. However, be sure that your photo booth is also sturdy- make sure that it can withstand the energy of people too excited to have their photos taken.

When it comes to hardware, choose equipment that are of great quality but not so much of being top of the line as sophisticated cameras require high maintenance and professional skills. Choose something that is applicable to your case- most of photo booths use DSLRs and other satisfactory types. Take note of the megapixels and other specs on whatever camera you are eyeing.

For the software, choose a program that will bring you convenience and customized options. Certain software offer green screen features, touch screen technology, color options and video options. Make sure that your software can offer your customers a wide of options. Also, make sure that you provide your customers a screen that shows a preview before and after the picture is taken. This will give them an idea how they look like so they can compose themselves properly.

Lastly, your photo booth hire isn’t complete without your printers, inks, and papers as these greatly affect the quality of the photos of your can offer. Take a look on the speed of printing and dots per inch (DPI) of your printer. Purchase a good quality of ink for bulk use. Choose a paper that is resistant to fade and discoloration, not too thin and not too thick, and with a texture that is desirable. Purchase bundles of these supplies for an affordable rate.

Additional Features and Services

You must set rules in case the customer violates your contract or if the customer wishes to change something. Think of possible penalties for extended hours, damage to booth and equipment, and additional requests. Customers would typically ask for a soft copy of the pictures, extended hours, customized graphics and layout, delivery, multiple prints or copies, change of background, use of props, change of screen background (green screen), and a personalized photo album or scrapbook. Plan on how to charge these options so that you can offer your customers a great deal from which your photo booth hire can gain from.

Advertising and Promotion

To make your photo booth hire look legitimate and professional, plan on how to advertise and promote your services. You can opt to advertise online as this is the cheapest marketing method nowadays. Maximize social media, emails, and websites to showcase what your business can offer. Provide sample pictures, reviews, and rating from your previous customers. Give information about your back story, the events that you’ve handled and other documents that can support your claims.

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