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Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Entertainment |

All About A Photo Booth

There is no denying that photo booths are really taking the photo industry by storm. In almost every event, you will a photo booth proudly standing in the corner and most guests will be enthusiastic about attending the said event partly because of it. Who will not be entertained by a photo booth when you can right away see your picture after just a number of seconds! Well, of course you can also do that with today’s cameras but still it is different when what you will see is something you can bring along and insert in your wallet. Before, the cameras used in photo booths are just so-so. But not these days with the tough competition that is hard to ignore. Every photo booth rental company is trying to outdo their competitors by making sure that they are using the best kind of camera thus you can now save pictures from photo booths.

Here are some interesting facts about photo booths:

  • Most photo booth rental companies have packages for their customers when it comes to photo booth rentals like for example 3 hours unlimited double prints with a smiling attendant and so on. Again, this is due to the competition each of these companies is facing. They are trying to provide better alternatives so that customers will prioritize them.
  • Do you know that even then, photo booths are already used by our great grandfathers? Well of course they are not as advanced and as equipped with what we have these days but the fact remains that the concept of a photo booth is not really entirely new.
  • However, somewhat similar with today’s photo booths actually first commenced in the year 1925. But then again, the cameras might not be that sophisticated then and it could also be that it is not as fast as well when it comes to the turnaround time.
  • Photo booths can be customized like they can be used for almost any type of event. You might think that they cannot be used for corporate events but they certainly can! You just tell the company where you will rent the photo booth from that it is for that purpose and they will be the one to arrange it so that its background will fit for a corporate event.
  • You can choose different sizes when renting a photo booth like depending on your needs, for sure you will find a photo booth that will it. You also need to consider your venue though if it can hold a bigger photo booth. You can also consider the crowd for that event like if one photo booth will be enough then.

Photo booths are indeed quite entertaining. That’s why, aside from the professional photographer, most wedding events also incorporate a photo booth. It will make their wedding event more unforgettable and even more lively like there will be no boring moments especially that photo booths can be availed by all ages and gives you fantastic HD photos presented to you instantly.

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