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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Travel |

All About Camper Trailer

The camper trailer, also known as a travel trailer or a caravan, is generally moved on the road by being towed by a vehicle and can provide comfortable and protected sleeping quarters compared to a tent. It provides travelers with their own house on vacations or journeys and eliminates reliance on motels and hotels so that they can stay in places where accommodation is simply non-existent. Buyers can choose between basic vehicles which are nothing but tents on wheels to fancy luxury models offering a number of rooms with all the comforts of a home such as furniture and equipment. They are used quite extensively in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, but very rarely anywhere else.

In the United States and Canada, a camper trailer dates back to the early 1920’s and the two types now available are the recreational vehicle and the mobile home. Smaller camper trailers are still made for travelers and the amenities are simple to make, them lightweight vehicles which can be set up quickly. Mid-range camper trailers are larger and heavier and are normally towed by pickup trucks and SUV’s, instead of cars. They have most of the amenities of the large vehicles, but accommodate fewer people. The large camper trailers cater to the seasonal and full-time user. They are large and heavy, requiring a highway tractor or large truck or SUV for transportation. They are equipped with multiple televisions and air-conditioners but the law limits and to a size of 400 ft.².. They can serve as a full-time home or as a cottage to be occupied during season. Trailer parks offer all the necessary infrastructure and ecologically friendly because of the small footprint and the minimum disturbance of the land.

The off road camper trailer also called a 4X4 trailer is designed specifically for use in country without being restricted by the availability of paved roads and highways. In other words, they can go anywhere the driver pleases including rough terrain. Many of them are equipped with a tent, skid plates and large tires. New innovations in the various categories include toy haulers which have living space and garages to accommodate toys and even motorcycles and watercraft. The equipment generally relies on a generator to provide power. The double-decker trailer offers two levels and while travelling is only the height of a regular trailer. However, when it is parked, it can increase in height to 2 levels and are often used in the filming of movies as portable dressing rooms. The camper trailer Brisbane can go off road and feature large tanks holding water, batteries for electric power and off road suspension.

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