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Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Services |

All You Need To Know About Skip Hire

Hiring a skip for the first time can be a bit daunting, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The following tips will hopefully ease you into the skip hire process.

• How soon can a skip be delivered to your home?

Most skip companies work from Monday to Saturday and if you make your order before noon, a skip can be delivered to your premise within 3 hours. This is the case for most companies, but you should confirm with the company you choose.

• Which materials are not allowed in a skip?

Any hazardous materials should not be put in a skip for environmental reasons as they should be disposed off separately. Here are the things you should not put in your skip;

– Computer and television screens
– Gas bottles
– Diesel, oil and petrol
– Electrical equipment
– Paint and paint cans
– Tyres
– Solvents
– Clinical and medical waste
– Plasterboard
– Liquids
– Fluorescent tubes
– Toxic materials

 How do you know the skip size to hire

The best size depends on how much waste you think you will be churning out and also how much space you have to place the skip. The bin hire Melbourne provide a size guide so remember to request for one when selecting a skip company.

 Can you put a skip by the roadside if you don’t have enough space?

Yes, but you are going to need a council permit for this. 8 yards is the maximum size that is allowed by the roadside butt you are not allowed to place a skip on a no standing zone or no stopping zone. To check the cost of a permit in your area, type in your postal code and search and you can also search reliable skip companies.

 What happens to the waste after placing it in skip?

The skip company takes the waste to a waste station where recyclable waste is separated from decomposable waste. The recyclable waste is taken to a recycling company while he remaining waste is poured into a landfill.

 How much weight can be held by a skip?

A skip’s capacity is measured in cubic meters so, a cubic meter holds 100 kilograms of waste. This will guide you in determining the skip size you are going to need. It is also important to note that you can call your skip hire company to come pick a full skip. For most companies, they will come the next day after placing your call.

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