Australia’s Most Hated Pests

Australia’s Most Hated Pests

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If there’s something that would make us cringe, it would be the presence of pests in our home. Australians are not strangers to wildlife. In fact, one of the country’s favourite pastimes is touring its rich wildlife. But not all animals in the wild are pleasant to look at. Many small animals can bring diseases and destroy our property. Here are some of Australia’s most hated pests according to pest control professionals:

Termites – These tiny insects are notorious for their insatiable appetite for wood. They gorge on timber and other wooden parts of any home that can lead to serious structural damages in your home. Worse, if not controlled by pest control specialists, they also devour plastic coatings of house wiring, which might lead to short circuits and fire.

Mosquitoes – These tiny airborne insects have killed more people than any animal on earth. If not eliminated promptly, some species can transmit fatal infections to humans such as malaria, dengue haemorrhagic fever and Zika virus. Whilst these diseases are most prevalent in tropical countries, there were also recorded cases of outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases in Australia.

Mice and rats – Besides their dirty and repulsive appearance, these invading rodents carry many diseases and can cause huge property damages at home by eating biting cables, clothes, and upholstery. They can also spread dirt and trappings that can make any room of place in your house unhygienic.

Bed bugs – True to their name, these tiny critters thrive on mattresses and beds where they can multiply. Worse, they can also live and multiply in some sections in your house. They are considered as the fastest growing pest control emergency in the developed countries because of their capacity to breed rapidly.

Flies – These flying insects are long associated with dirt and bacteria. Their presence and buzzing sound are annoyances as they love to fly around in areas where there is trash. They lay eggs in your waste and even in your food if it is not covered or stored.

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