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Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Home Improvement |

Bamboo Floor Types

You may have read the benefits of choosing bamboo floor planks, good news, there are quite a few more things to consider. Bamboo Floor comes in quiet a few types, considering the following options such as grain type or orientation, color or shade, and lastly texture.

• Types of Bamboo Floor Grain Orientation

i. Horizontal – horizontal grain orientation are planks that face one another horizontally.
ii. Vertical – vertical grain orientation are planks that face one another vertically.
iii. Strand Woven – residual strands from cut or trimmed portions, bonded with adhesive and hardener while being pressed and finished.

• Bamboo Floor Color Types

i. Natural – as the word say, natural, no stain, no shade, just a laminate
ii. Carbonized – natural color produced by boiling the bamboo longer, resulting to the sugar content of it to caramelize which is the reason such shade is achieved. Downside is, this type often are softer or become softer than other types because the bamboo was processed longer.
iii. Tiger – a combination or strands from natural and carbonized bamboo, pressed and finished, resulting to a unique pattern.
iv. Stained – stained colors, based from the name, are stained like any other wood planks, shade and color would depend on what stain was applied to it.
v. Direct Print – custom made type, depending on what needs to be achieved, like that of oak and maple.

• Bamboo Floor Surface or Texture Types

i. Smooth – these types are machine finished, treated with multiple layers of laminate coats. High resistance to dust and other stains. Highly recommended for those with allergies.
ii. Hand Scraped – has that aged or antique look, as how it is described, manual labor is involved, manually scraping the wood plank for a unique pattern, also comes in different color and shades. More costly obviously.
iii. Hand Sculpted – has that aged or antique look, a little lighter work in scraping, more likely to be compared to hand sculpted except that the design is a little tone.

• Bamboo Floor Installation Types – highly recommended, best done by professional installers.

i. Nail Down or Glue Down – the common way to install hard wood flooring, special tools are needed such as those of an impact hammer, either a nailer or a stapler.
ii. Floating Glue Seam – involves laying an underlayment or a type of material to separate the planks from the sub floor, which is where the glue will be placed before laying the planks.
iii. Floating Glue less Click – no glue at all, best for DIYers, best for budget concerned. These planks are designed to click, having interlocking ends.

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