Basic Know How In Website Design

Basic Know How In Website Design

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Yes, you have the knowledge in using a computer and Windows per se’; thus thinking of designing your own website. The idea of making a website is easy had been quite common due to the light interface and user friendly applications like that of MS Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. But you being a newbie in Website Design, you would want to practice doing the basics first.

What are the basics in making a website? Here are a few tips:

Start with the basics; know how to read the HTML codes. It is pretty much the generic language used in coding or programming a website and or Website Design. Prior to the introduction of DHTML, CSS, CGI and other languages; HTML had been used by programmers since websites had been published over the Internet.

Early Website Design runs in simple HTML codes, having basic background and simple static menus to toggle from one page to another. Simple enough that even the background images were as simple as a plain colored background. No fancy pictures, nor any other content; and the body of each page or pages contain simple texts to describe a company or product being marketed or advertised.

Dig in to your art inclination; learn to mix and match colors, try to learn the color pallet. It is best to find colors that are cool and soothing to the eyes, at the least your eyes if not concerned about the eyes of your viewers. Website Design is designing, from the word itself, design. Matching colors and making sure that they do match harmoniously.

Apart from knowing how to read HTML, it is important to develop your skills in photo editing. Try to learn the basics in Corel paint or Adobe Photoshop, simple editing, tweaking, to enhance the image to be inserted in your website. Given that you are a beginner, maximize the use of pictures and or images to attract viewers to your Website Design. Make it the center of attraction.

Make the visit to your page meaningful or worth it. Add something worth reading, if you cannot make the page that inviting, at the least, make it meaningful. Website viewers do not just rely on the looks of Website Design nowadays; they more likely want to empower themselves with information or anything that is worth their time.

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