Bora Bora Holiday Packages; Eessential Tips for the Bora Bora Tourist

Bora Bora Holiday Packages

Turquoise lagoons, sand fringed Motus and Bungalows perched on water using stilts are the things that come to mind at the mention of the name Bora Bora. It is also a destination where most celebrities like to spend vacations, honeymoons and other holidays. While this may make the place seem like an expensive and out of reach resort, the reality it is possible to get a great travel package for this destination by purchasing one of the Bora Bora holiday packages 2016 that are available. Below are a few travel tips to help you get around this island.

Getting from the airport

Flights such as air Tahiti normally offer a shuttle boat service for their passengers from Vaitape. If you have booked accommodation at one of the luxury resorts on the island, they will pick you from the airport. There are some of the establishments that offer this as a complimentary service while others charge for it.

Resort boat shuttles

Another convenient way to tour the island is through the boat shuttle service that operates on each island. These boats have a schedule that they normally follow when traveling from the small resorts to the main island. The public transport system on the island of Tahiti is popularly known as Le Truck. The other available option is the taxis. However, these are a bit on the expensive side and after 7 pm, the prices go up. If you want to have an enjoyable time sightseeing on the island, the best option will be hiring a bicycle. The circle island road of Bora Bora is perfect for cycling and there are many beautiful views to take in.

Car hire and scooter rental is another way which one can tour the island. Your home license should work fine on the island, but note that they drive on the right and it is also important to watch out for scooters and bikes at night. In case you are interested in exploring the interior of the island, taking the Bora Bora holiday packages that include the 4×4 safari will be ideal.

In case you want to sail around the island, it is also possible to charter your own boat. The boats are normally picked up at Raitea. When you book for a sail trip round the island on the Bora Bora holiday packages, the boat will come equipped with a captain. This is what makes traveling around the island very memorable.

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