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Video Production Company Trends for 2018

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2018 is a year of growth and breakthroughs. In fact, this is a big year for companies who are looking to make a mark on the world. Aside from having the ability to set themselves apart from their competitors, they can also provide more engaging content. With the help of video production company trends, these businesses can continue to reach new heights.

Below are some trends you might want to try:

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming continues to grow. As a matter of fact, corporate companies use these to hold events and broadcast their seminars for everyone to see. Many personalities even take advantage of this feature since it can help them become more in tune with their fans and viewers. It makes them appear more in-touch with reality and that they can be accessed easily.

  • Video Series

Many corporations use video series to hook their viewers. Most of them even provide a special page for them to post videos on a weekly or even monthly basis. Some even post every single day. This technique helps keep the viewer on their feet and allows them to feel attached to the characters, services and offerings on screen.

  • Use of Mobile Devices

There is a growing need for businesses to adapt their website and videos for the general public. Since users tend to spend more time on their mobile screens than with desktops, there is a movement to target these individuals. Through mobile advertising, more and more brands can cater to a wider range of people.

  • Social Media

Many brands have definitely taken advantage of social media. In actuality, there are many clients who ask production companies to make them 15 and 30-second cut to post on various social media sites. Since attention spans in these channels are very short, these have to be created in a certain way. With these short but sweet snippets, brands can get their audience hooked in no time.

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Reasons You Need Website Designs by Creative Teams

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Many clients have been amazed by the website designs by Blacksheep Creative. Not only that they are able to build dynamic sites for their customers, they can also produce remarkable online content.

Here are some reasons why hiring them is the best option to make the most of your company’s online presence:

Engaging content

Creating a corporate site opens lots of possibilities for a company to grow. As a business owner, not only can you see the improvements in your public image, but also its long-term effects. You can surely have a content that caters to your target audience to eventually gain their trust and patronage.

Cost-efficient pricing

The price for web development service can be costly but worthy. Think of this as an investment for your business, simply because this field is handled by some of the best professional web developers in the industry. You can also save more money from buying a new domain name and hire an in-house web content producer, which can cost you more.

Higher SEO ranking

Successful marketing campaign results to more revenues and prospects. Thus, a higher SEO ranking allows your company to boost its sales. More people will also subscribe to all the content you will produce on a regular basis. This is why website designs by Blacksheep Creative works best for your business and your online content. For more information, visit their site or give them a call.

Customised design

Designing a website today is more than choosing what images, shapes and colours best fit your company. You need to make sure that the design reflects the mission, vision and values of your business. Moreover, an effective web creative team knows how to make the site user-friendly for your online visitors and customers.

Readable typography

Even though you will have the most modern, minimalist website, if the text is not readable, your text might end up unread. Competent web designers can format online articles so that they can be read easily. If your copy is easy to consume, it will be more attractive to your audience.

The Importance of Web Design

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Website content is not the only driving force behind a successful page. In fact, what takes precedence is web design. This is the first feature that people can see when they visit your page. It is important to leave a good and lasting first impression, as it can affect how the public can view your brand, services and products. With the help of Oley Media Group, you can create wonderful pages that will surely get the public hooked.

Ease of Navigation

Your website speaks volumes about you and your company. It is only right to invest in a team of talented and creative individuals, so your site can come to life. With their expertise in the field, they can make your page easy to navigate. After all, no one wants to see or even encounter a page that’s confusing. This chaos will only confuse users and will deter them from patronising your products. By making the page user-friendly, you are actually increasing web traffic.

User Engagement

Having a creative space helps users interact with your page more. Not only will they be encouraged to explore your site, but also be inclined to use what you are offering. Having an organised page makes it easier for people to explore your business. If they like what they see, they may stick around for quite some time.

Fosters Trust

A professionally designed website is akin to giving respect to your customers. While you may not exactly see these people face-to-face, this gives them the impression that you value them. When they give constructive feedback about your layout, consider how this can improve your relationship with them. When you learn to listen and implement their needs through your web design, they may learn to see you as someone they can trust.

If you find yourself needing an expert help on this type of work, contact Oley Media Group today. They provide excellent work that elevates the quality of your website. Click here for more information.

How Corporate Video Production Works

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Ever wonder what are the steps to take in corporate video production? Well, let me tell you that is different from the traditional advertising videos you see on social media platforms and commercials on television.

Corporate video production can be used to deliver corporate messages to both the company’s clients and employees or to promote a newly launched product. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Negotiation

Experts will set a deal with a potential client. The negotiation will tackle the team’s rate plus the requirements of their clients and what type of video they want to be produced by the company.

  • Step 2: Conceptualisation

Now that the team has a client, they can begin to come up with a clear set of goals. They need to determine what they’re doing it for, who will be seeing the video and what the theme is.

  • Step 3: Storyboarding

Once that has been finalised, they can now begin the storyboarding process. Although this is not required, it still helps the team stay organised and determine how the entire shoot will go.

  • Step 4: Planning

At this point, plans must be fully established and ready to be set in motion. This includes scheduling of production, casting and shoots, organising the logistics and finalising the crew too for pre-and post-production.

Now everyone can start running through the rest of the important details of the production such as finalising things like the shooting locations, cast, crew and materials for the overall production process.

  • Step 5: Shooting

This where all the planning and preparation starts. Everyone comes into the set prepared for both time and resources are limited.

  • Step 6: Post-Editing and Submission

Once the filming is done, the team will edit and produce the desired product for their client.

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The Various Types of Video Production

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There are many uses of video production, and it is categorised into different types. To have a more detailed knowledge about these types, read on:


One the largest beneficiaries of video production are businesses. There are many purposes and uses in this category, including:

  • Corporate
  • Webinars that are recorded
  • Event
  • Culture
  • PowerPoint
  • Presentation

Videos are essential marketing tools that contribute to having an expanding and successful enterprise. They also have been an integral part of most, if not all companies, for the proper communication within their business.

Advertising, Sales and Marketing

Almost everyone in the industry of advertising, sales and marketing use video production to boost their sales and educate their customers about a particular product or service. Few of the types under this area are:

  • Real estate
  • Advertising
  • Sizzle Reels
  • Product
  • Haul
  • Unboxing
  • Testimonial
  • Promotional
  • Online video advertising


Information video, on the other hand, gives the viewer a specific and detailed information on a topic or subject. This is where questions what, who, when, where, why and how to are answered.

The types of videos under this category are:

  • Tip series (for a specific subject)
  • Training
  • Educational
  • Explainer
  • Infomercials

This is a tool perfect for education and training. This can bypass language barriers and can provide viewers information on how something is done and/or the idea of what something is. Proficiency in the topic or subject can be achieved in minutes.

Entertainment videos

You may only be knowledgeable about televisions and movies. In this category, there are different types:

  • Legacy
  • Ceremonial
  • Documentary
  • Wedding
  • Travel
  • Music


This has been used widely to relay news and information. This can bring events and information straight to viewers in a way that is more powerful than any other source or type of communication. Here are some common types:

  • Digital journalism (online)
  • PSA (Public Service Announcement)
  • Interview

No matter the type of video production you require, Fish Media Solutions video production company can come up with top-notch output that can give you the results you needed. Contact the team now to get started with it.

Creating an Identity Has Never Been This Easy

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Let’s face it. The words company and logo go hand in hand. Without a logo, your start-up business instantly loses its chance to compete against the big players in the industry. You need to get your message across by introducing your newly opened venture so that you can attract potential customers. At the end of the day, a company without proper branding will simply pass like a ship in the night.

And we say “proper” branding because no matter how much effort you put into creating a brand, it will be no use if it is plain, common and boring. Luckily for you, creating a “proper” brand is now easier than ever.

Gone are the days when you must wait for months before an advertising agency can pitch their ideas to you. Have you figured it out in your head? Do you have an idea in mind already? Because if you do, Brand in a Can is here to help you.

Online Logo Design for Businesses

Small or big, your business’ brand is our priority. Our team of highly creative designers has years of experience helping small to big businesses stand out from the competition. Using their expertise and experience, they can leverage your chances of making your cash registers ring.

How It Works

Like a soda in a can, our services are convenient and easy to use. Simply visit our website, choose an online logo design and pronto. Once you give us your business details on the checkout, your cool, unique, “proper” design will be available within two business days. Indeed, creating an identity is as easy as 123.

With thousands of designs to choose from, you will never run out of online logo design options. Whether your niche is arts, communications, healthcare, entertainment, trade, real estate, construction or what have you, we have you covered.

A Unique Flair With a Personalised Touch

While it’s true that the logo designs that we have on our website are unique and stunning, we still give you the option to personalise it further. Our creative designers know the psychology of colours, shapes and symbols so symmetry and connection with the audience won’t be a problem.

If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, contact Brand in a Can today for an online logo design Sydney. We also offer business cards, stationery sets and website packages. Browse our website for more information.

Importance Of Professional Logo Design For Company

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The logo acts as the face and corporate identity of a company. With proper execution, people will easily recognise the brand just by looking at the symbol. A good design is highly effective for the success of a venture and it really helps in making your target market choose your company over the others.

The company uses the logo everywhere like on the website, on posters, banners, advertisements, business cards and on all documents. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clever design for the brand. It must be impressive and help the business in following ways:

Brand Identity

Everyone can recognize the brand by looking at its emblem. It is used everywhere and people always feel emotionally attached to it. The cool online logo design Sydney always helps to attract the customers.

Gain the Trust of People

With a professional-looking emblem, you can easily gain the trust of people. Customers, vendors, clients and employees see the logo as a trust symbol. It describes the aim of the company to people, so the company should make the design in an appealing and catchy way.

Beat the Competitors

When you are using the most attractive and effective logo, it helps you to stand out from the competition. Presently, competition is very high in every industry and customers always give preference to the brand, which attracts them. Your emblem will do this trick for you.

Make a Professional Impression

In the present time, it is important to look professional in any industry. If you are using a well-designed logo, you will be able to look professional in your field. You can impress every client and customer with your attractive emblem and can make loyal customers as your ambassador because they will involuntarily speak about your product.

Therefore, it will be indeed effective if you can have a professional design for your company. You can hire professional designers to make the best symbol for you that will be the best decision you can take, targeting your customers. They will make the logo relevant to the company, which can describe the brand to the people.

Important Tips To Enhance The Quality Of Video Production

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A video production involves a combination of artwork and creativity. You have to be creative if you want to make a good one. It should be perfect in color, contrast, and light and should convey the right message. You should try to make it in a way that it needs minimum editing. During editing, it is possible to fix most of the contrast issues to an extent, and it is possible to manipulate the color tones.

The  three phases:

  1. Preproduction- It is about the planning of the shoot and preparing the set.
  2. Production – This phase is all about the process of shooting
  3. Post-production –  Phase that covers the editing and finalisation of the video.

Tips for a Good Video Production

  • Use original concept: People always want to see the original things. Therefore, if you are going to produce a video, you have to use the original concept for it. Create new ideas, stories and show your creation to the world.
  • Set up proper lighting: The lighting is very important for the shoot. If the lighting is too much or very poor then the video will be compromised. Therefore, you have to set up the proper lighting for the shoot. You also have to be careful about the shadows.
  • Use the tripod: You cannot shoot any good video without a tripod because it gives stability to the camera. If you are using the tripod, you should check the proper level of it so that you can shoot from the correct angle.
  • Focus: The focus is very important to specific points or person. You should focus the camera on the scenes you want to shoot. You should also take care of the white balance.
  • Sound quality: The sound is another import part of video production. You have to capture the high-quality audio. You can use different kinds of a microphone in production. Alternatively, you can use special microphones to record real sound if you want to maintain the originality.

If you have any minor glitch, you can cover it during editing and post-production. The special effects will enhance the quality. Due to the availability of advanced graphic tools and editing, providing special effect has become an easy job.

If you want to have the best video for your business, contact the reliable video production Sydney service here!

Tips To Create The Ultimate Web Design

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Having a great web design will profoundly reduce the bounce rate and ensure that the visitors return to the site often. There is nothing called “The ultimate design” as it depends on what your target users like to have. Many factors come into play to decide whether a website has a good design or not.

Play with the colors

A thoroughly planned color palette can create an impact on your audience. Colors that complement each other create a unique balance to your web design. At the same time, you need to be careful about using vibrant colors because it should not reduce the readability. The color combination should use in such a way that they are easy on eyes.

Make a visual impact

Having a polished yet attractive design for your website is important. Adding a professional logo will also help and you can place the link on your homepage in the logo. Place high-quality pictures at right places to catch a visitor’s attention. Infographics is another popular way to communicate with your audience easily.

Create a modern and uncluttered design

While trying to create a visual impact, you might likely overload your website with a lot of things. Keep your design simple and uncluttered. A lot of infographics and images will keep of viewer’s eyes from the relevant content. Also, keep content short and crisp. Long sentences and many paragraphs can be too much for a user who is in search of information.

Invest in great pictures

Putting high-quality pictures and videos in your website goes a long way. You can always buy high-quality photographs from shutter stock or similar websites. However, if your website calls for the need of real pictures, you need to have a professional photographer in your team.

Make every web page a landing page

It is unfortunate that most of the designers think that visitors always land up to the website via homepage which is wrong. In most cases, the audience ends up visiting your site through some other page. Hence, make sure that you provide vital information on every page during the web design phase.

Each web design decision needs Out of the box” thinking you need to visualize things based on a hypothesis. A good website doesn’t come easily; it needs a lot of thought inputs along with creativity. By following these tips, you will be able to improve your website’s overall look.

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SEO Specialists Really Do Perform Miracles

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SEO specialists are the best at what they do. They understand the concepts, keep abreast of trends in the market and are able to implement the concepts in the best way possible to increase your companies’ rankings as well as visitors to you site.

Becoming a SEO specialist takes hard work, commitment and love for the job itself. The tasks of a SEO specialist are varied and numerous and the specialist should never be underestimated or unappreciated.

All SEO projects need to work within a budget which is provided by the client. The SEO specialist needs to keep within the budget at all times and they must have the ability to use the resources available to do the best SEO work possible.

A great SEO specialist is able to listen, listen to what the client wants to achieve and also keep up to date on the products and services offered as well as the niche they wish to target.

A great part of SEO is the ability to successfully optimize web pages by using appropriate keywords and key phrases and of course including catchy meta tags and meta description.

Providing a more user friendly experience for clients who view your website is an important job for the SEO specialist. They will get visitors to your site but by providing a user friendly interface, they will keep them coming back.

The SEO specialist will write catchy, interesting content for your pages and will identify any gaps in the existing pages and fill them. A great way to keep visitors coming back is to provide information that is exciting and useful.

The best SEO company is one who keeps informed of trends in the market and improvements to SEO practices. They are also very aware of what spam is and will do whatever it takes to avoid it.

Before any work begins, your SEO specialist will meet with you to discuss your business, the services and products, your expected results and of course the budget. They will the supply you with their plan of action according to the information provided by you. You will never be left in the dark and unaware of what is happening with your site. They will keep you informed at all times and you will receive regular reports showing improvements, once the process begins.

SEO is a priority for those who want their businesses to succeed in this digital age. SEO specialists are the miracle workers in the industry and should be shown the respect they deserve.