Some Popular Types of Paella

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Spain is a bustling European country that has a rich history. Most food experts believe this country in the Iberian Peninsula is one of the richest in terms of history and gastronomy. Throughout the ages, many nationalities have influenced the Spaniards— among them, are Ancient Romans (Spain being a part of the Roman Empire), Muslims, and the Natives of South America. These influences extend to the culinary arts of Spaniards especially with the arrival of fruits, vegetables, and other spices and herbs from Latin America.

One of the most popular Spanish dishes is paella. This rice-based dish originated in the Andalusian region. Dubbed as the queen of Spanish tables, paella is characterised as a mixture of rice and various meats like chicken and rabbit as well as vegetables.

There are different varieties of this dish, which can be offered by your favourite paella caterer. Here are some of them:

  • Valencian – This is the most common type in Spain. It is prepared with pepper, tomato, onion, and garlic ‘sofrito’. Rabbit is the most used meat for this variant.
  • Meat – Often called as the typical Sunday paella, this type is cooked with chicken meat with a good amount of paprika and black pepper as well as red pepper and peas.
  • Seafood – Known locally as paella marinera, this is prepared with prawns, squid, clams and mussels. True to its name, this is the food of choice in coastal areas and is commonly consumed in beach bars.
  • Mixed – This is a richer variant as it is a mixture of ingredients of meat and seafood types. It is often cooked in every home. It is prepared using meat sofrito as well as squid and prawns. This is perhaps the type with the richest flavour.
  • Black – The black variant is coloured as such because of the octopus of squid ink. Its ingredient is just the same as the seafood type but its appearance and taste make it a distinct variant.

If you want to serve any of the types of this flavourful dish, you should order from a reputable paella caterer near your area.

Be Your Own Party Caterer

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There are party caterer that can give you the service you need for any of your events and party food needs. They come highly versatile providing food services for any parties, may it be kiddie party, wedding, anniversaries, reunions, birthdays, corporate events etc. All you need is to choose from their menu and viola, all the food you choose will be served hot to your guests.

But, what if you choose to be your own party caterer? Surely possible. Before going any further, it is necessary that you take in consideration the following before you decided on working as your own party caterer.


One of the factors why others may choose to get party caterer service, than working things themselves, is lack of time. Definitely, this is highly time consuming, from the food preparation, to the venue to the serving of food and the like. If you want to play as your own party caterer, be ready, as all your time will only be for this task and nothing else. Before, during, after party, your hands are too tied, thus leaving you no time to enjoy, mingle with friends and prepare for other stuffs needed on your event.

This is highly time consuming and at the same time physically demanding. If you can’t give up both, then you have no other option than choosing a party caterer instead. Do not force yourself, if you cannot handle it.


Do you know how to cook? Can you make different dishes? If you have the ability to cook different food variations, then working as your own party caterer can be possible. Just take a note though, if you only have limited food variations you can cook, forget about it and just hire a party caterers Melbourne.

There are some who can cook but only with few dishes, if this being the case, you can always ask for caterer service and just cook one or two of your dishes and serve it together with the food of the catering service.

The size of the event

How many visitors are you expecting? If it is just few, or a count that you can manage, then better have yourself prepare the food to serve, but if they come too many, then it is best if you ask for professional help, to ensure that all visitors will be fed and get satisfied. Try to assess the number of visitors, if the event is huge, then doing it yourself may not be that highly advisable.

Wedding Cakes For The Best Wedding

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A wedding is the best day for every couple hence, this should be made memorable. Organizing a wedding doesn’t mean that you will spend lavishly but if you have a bigger budget then spending abundantly is just recommended as long as it will result to a successful wedding. There are things that should be part of a wedding such as professional photographer, venue, favors, foods, cakes, and many more. Wedding cakes are always part of a wedding where in these become part of the tradition that couple sliced the cake together for the belief that these can bestow them with strong bond. Thus, wedding cakes should never be taken for granted. The selection should be done properly following some steps.

Wedding cakes help couples have the best weddings. If you are planning for your wedding, make sure that you only utilize the best to be part of your wedding. Aside from looking great on the wedding, it is vital that every detail and every stuff have are well-planned and well-designed. Such as wedding cakes, these cakes should not be just ordinary cakes. These should be something that will add elegance and life to your wedding. Good thing that the decoration wedding cakes are expert bakers and cake designers in the business that will help couples have the best wedding.

For a wedding to become best, wedding cakes play an important role on that. Since there are many designs to choose from nowadays, couples, find it easy to pick the right design which can also be customized to suit with the general motif of the wedding and will transform a simple wedding into something elegant. Wedding cakes come with various sizes and designs that make weddings elegant and complete. These cakes have various flavors to choose from and will serve as the dessert of the guests as well.

Weddings are special thus, everything utilized should be special. In choosing the wedding cakes, the cakes should be special in terms of the flavor, design, and size. So, when you make cakes special on your wedding day, everything will become perfect, and everyone will be amazed on your wedding day.

Your wedding doesn’t happen every time. Thus, it is vital to keep it special and memorable. Despite the various preparations to make, be sure to order the finest wedding cakes in the business and there are also trusted wedding cake designers to choose nowadays.

Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

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The wedding cake is the exemplary center of attention during wedding receptions. By tradition, it has been allotted as well with a specific time slot for cutting and serving, thus, it has become one of the most awaited activities in the ceremony. Through the years, the designs and the details of the wedding cakes available have also evolved, as they become more elaborate due to the fondant and sugar roses. If white cakes are the most popular so many years before, these days, you can see wedding cakes that are bursting with colors. However, you would also agree that no matter how gorgeous your wedding cake looks like, what matters more is how it tastes. What re the popular wedding cake flavors. Here are some.

Red Velvet. Although this flavor is considered as a newcomer, it has quickly become one of the popular wedding cake flavors. In fact, this flavor is one of the most requested since 2014, along with vanilla and chocolate. It tastes between chocolate and vanilla, but not quite. Red velvet is named after its deep red color, and it is a perfect shade to symbolize love and romance.

Chocolate. Chocolate must have been the all-time favorite flavor of everyone – and even in wedding cakes it seemed to be one of the most popular. What’s more, your must-have-been favorite childhood comfort food can now be improved by adding a twinge of other fruity flavors like orange, strawberry and even mint. Or you can also stick to the purest of chocolate fudge by getting that German chocolate cake.

Vanilla. So if you choose to go traditional with your wedding cake, you can never go wrong with vanilla. Like what was stated, vanilla is still one of the most popular cake flavors and is still being requested by many couples. The beauty in this flavor is that, you can keep it as it is – plain vanilla, or you can have it dressed up in any way you want. You can add basically any kind of frosting, fruit or filling.

White Chocolate with Raspberry. Raspberry is one of the most delicious fruit flavors that can be paired up with chocolate – no kidding. This provides a new twist to the old and traditional white chocolate cakes served at weddings.

So have you chosen your cake flavor yet? These are just some of the many wedding cake flavors available so you have a lot to choose from decoration wedding cakes

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Reasons to Buy Coffee Beans Online

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Though you can buy coffee beans in supermarkets, but there are many reasons why you should begin to buy coffee beans online. The benefits are aplenty as outlined below:


For freshness

Coffee, like any food, is perishable and it should be consumed at the date specified. The benefit of buying coffee beans online is the freshness of the coffee beans which may not be in the case of buying coffee beans in supermarkets. Why? Because supermarkets stock-up on their supplies, including coffee beans, thus, the chance of buying old coffee beans is very high. But if you will buy online, you can be assured that the coffee beans are fresh. Factors such as the way the coffee beans are roasted, the packaging, and the weather have effects on the longevity of the coffee beans. Coffee roasters time the roasting of the coffee beans in their delivery schedule, thus, if you buy coffee beans online, the roasters will schedule the roasting so the beans will arrive at your place still very fresh. That is not the case of you will buy coffee beans in supermarkets. Coffee is best consumed while it is fresh so flavor and aroma are not lost.

For support of local coffee roasters

If you buy coffee beans online, you support the small coffee roasters in your area and help them in their livelihood. If you will buy coffee beans in the supermarkets, the coffee beans are ordered from various countries from different continents. Thus, freshness is not guaranteed as these beans are on transit for long periods of time. But if you will buy coffee beans online, not only do you support your local coffee roasters but you can be assured that the coffee beans come not from far away country but to a place very close to you and that is freshness guaranteed.

Coffee beans variety

If you buy coffee beans online, you will be presented with many coffee beans variety. It is great to drink a cup of coffee with different taste, different aroma, and different strength on some days.

For convenience

Why would you prefer to go through the hassle of traveling to a supermarket only to buy coffee beans that are not fresh when you can buy coffee beans online at the comfort of your own home? Apart from the different variety of coffee beans to choose from, freshness is something that you can get if you will buy coffee beans online.

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