Why Invest in a Corporate Video?

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Having your own corporate video does a lot of help with your marketing strategy. An audio-visual presentation (AVP) brings lots of advantages, especially if you want to get an edge over the competition.

That begs a question then: why do you need to have your own company video clip in the first place? This can be answered with the list below:

  • Customers are visual

90% of the population in Australia depend on their information on anything they see. That includes their easy access to their mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

  • Easily searchable content

With the latest communications technologies, it will be convenient for them to know more about your company if you have video content right on your own website, or social media account.

  • Sharing is easy

Once your AVP is uploaded online, you can attract your clients and customers to share it with their friends. What’s more? You can sponsor its advertisement and boost its views too.

  • Marketing always matters

Whatever content you upload online, the public sees it as a marketing material. This is why video production companies, like GC Imagery, do their best to present their client’s history, market performance, and services to their clients. This results in a professionally made corporate video in Sydney. For more information about their services visit their website today.

  • Unique identity

AVP’s do bring a better perspective about your company’s identity and branding. This is where you can put up your distinct taglines and spiels that is completely unique from your company.

  • Content is retained

Once you have uploaded your video, it stays there, even if you delete it yourself. Most videos being hosted online are saved forever in the cloud.

  • One click away

Not only do you have a chance to show your company in a modern and trendy way, but also offer an opportunity for clients and customer to try your products and services.

As digital technology develops, other forms of media communications, such as television and telephone, are making breakthroughs in the marketplace. Because of this, a company video presentation is now a necessity. Just make sure to hire experts to dominate the competition.

Why Invest in Promotional Video Production?

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When launching a new product, you need to hire a good promotional video production company to creatively present your ideas to the public. A simple production may not be enough to make the presentation and product stand out. That’s why you should go for seasoned videographers to create something extraordinary and remarkable.

In the past, marketers could launch a product as long as it is accompanied by a nice photograph. Since technology is evolving, business owners need to adapt to the changing trends and invest in visual production. Videos are more interesting and informative because they can easily show and discuss the product. The audience only has to watch and pay attention to understand what the video all about.

Here are more reasons to invest in quality promotional video production:

  1. Add extra appeal 

Videographers have an eye for details and they know the right angles to make the product even more appealing. With video colour enhancement, experts can elevate the packaging and content of the item. This is possible with pictures but motion picture is better because people love to watch movies. Videos are also more entertaining and dramatic thanks to sound effects.

  1. Improve branding

Branding can also benefit from promotional video production. Experts can create a campaign that will highlight the product and build a strong identity so the public will notice it.

Having amazing products isn’t enough as the overall presentation matters. You need to improve your tagline, create something that people can relate to and can appreciate. Make the brand convincing that people will look for it in the social media.

  1. Make successful campaigns

Experts know the right things to highlight in the campaign and make it successful. This can be a challenge because not all marketers are capable of doing this. Therefore, contact the best Melbourne promotional video production at Stitch Production to get started. Check out their user-friendly website to see how good they are.

Reasons To Advertise On Radio

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If you think social media is all that you need today, you’re wrong. Radio advertisement is still an effective medium to connect with customers. If you think about it, big companies still use radio advertising for their marketing campaigns. The reason? Radio advertising is a big thing.

Brand recognition

Having a space on the radio doesn’t guarantee sales turnover unless you make an effort to improve your message. To have an impact to listeners, you must establish a connection that competitors lack. Hook them with a different approach that’s way too far from the ordinary.


The money you will spend on advertising is nothing compared to the profit that you’ll get. Here is what’s going to happen: your message will continuously air on the radio for days or weeks. People will get used to your brand and eventually wonder what you offer. Curiosity leads to ultimately trying your products and service. If they like it, you can have a loyal customer. If not, at least you sold a product.

Enhanced image

Depending on the message you’re trying to relay, your company can get enhanced image through advertising. Campaigns are meant to boost your sales and make you look good. So, why not invest in this service so you can work side by side with the big companies?

Lasting impact

Unlike other types of advertisement such as digital and television, radio advertising has a fast impact on listeners. This impact generates sale because people are drawn to it. More importantly, the connection we build with a listener is more personal, thanks to sounds.

Radio has been with us since our childhood. We cannot deny the fact that it has become an integral part of our life because it shapes us every single day as we listen to music and advertisements. That is what Last Minute Multimedia is all about. Finding that connection that tickles the emotion of a listener. Let radio advertising Brisbane help you achieve your marketing campaign goals. Get in touch with us today.

Why Sticker Printing Is a Fun and Helpful Thing to Do

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Each and every people all around the world use their creativity in order to lift up their boredom by making new things. They also like to add trinkets or other stuff to their things in order to liven them up or to make them flashy. This has never changed over the past years, and as time passes by, more and more creative trends are rising up especially in the youth of this generation. These teens love to customize their own things, especially the girls, and they always do DIYs or “Do-It-Yourself” materials. This is great since they learn to use their resourcefulness while earning a sense of achievement at the same time. There are many other forms of creative activities teenagers engage in, but the most prominent one of them is the sticker printing. However, although is not only exclusive for teens. In actuality, most adults do them not for the sole purpose of entertainment, but for the sake of business and earning a profit. Most of them do sticker printing in order to make a living.


When in engaging in sticker printing, a vinyl sheet is the one commonly used for the work. A printing machine for the vinyl sheet is also needed in order to get the printed stickers. Be sure to use a printing machine which produces high quality prints so that the customers would get attracted to the printed sticker you have made. After you print the stickers out, be sure to count the estimated number of stickers you would probably sell in order to avoid producing too much as this would lead the vinyl sheets to go to waste.

When choosing designs, select the ones that seem to fit into the popular trend, just like the icons from movies, widely-used emojis, and quotes from any kind of theme, but pick the ones that you think teenagers would like, since they are the main targets of this kind of products. After you have produced your stickers, advertisement them anywhere you would like, as long as you know it would catch their attention. The perfect medium for this are social media. You could capture photos of your stickers and then post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give your stickers an appropriate price which is not too high and not too low at the same time, just the right price for both you and the customer to be satisfied and to earn a profit.

Overall, sticker label printing is a very entertaining thing to do, and at the same time, it could be a big help to your financial status. With this, your money to be spent on daily needs could increase just by doing this simple work of art. When your small business starts to grow, you could then expand your manpower by getting your close friends to help you do the same in the sticker printing industry. Who knows, maybe you would find yourself in a high and comfortable state of living just because of printing the stickers you just thought would be fun in the very first place.

Advantages in Using Custom Banners

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Custom banners are one of the effective ways in advertising a business. With the use of the custom banners, there is a high chance that the business will be a success.

Flyers can be also one of the effective ways in introducing your business to the people, but if you only need to choose one, it would be better if you are going to choose the custom banners. Not because they are more affordable than purchasing flyers, but it is because the custom banners can give better benefits and advantages than the flyers.

Custom banners are extremely easy to make, all you have to do is to have a layout. Your layout should contain the details of your business, your contact number or email address; you can even place a picture if you want. The caption that you are going to place in the custom banner should be short but understandable and the words should be big enough for someone who is a few meters away from it to be still able to read. If you don’t know how to make a layout for your banner, you can ask help from someone who is a professional in making layouts.

Here are the benefits or advantages that you can get if you are going to choose the custom banners:

1.) They are affordable. Unlike other methods, you don’t have to spend a big amount of money for making a custom banner for your business.

2.) Quality is a big deal for the custom banners. It is always better if your custom banner has a good quality because it can attract more customers or viewers for your business.

3.) One custom banner is equal to five or more people. The advantage of the custom banner over the flyers is that you don’t have to make a lot of copies of it.
The flyer is good for only one person which means that you need to have a lot of copies if you want to have more customers. There is also a tendency that the flyer that you handed out to that person will just go to waste because they might just throw it in the trash can after receiving it. Even though flyers and custom banners serve one purpose and that is to advertise your business, the custom banner is still better since you can place it everywhere, you can even stick it in your car or in the company car.

There are lots of companies who place signage or banners in their car, you can do the same thing and if you do that, there is no doubt that a lot of people will see it and if your custom banner looks interesting it will surely catch the attention of the viewers and if someone is interested in your business, he or she will note the name and the contact information of your business. You will not have regrets in choosing the custom banners because it will be worth it.

Why is car signage a great idea?

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Have you those seen vehicles that have ads placed onto them? The light box on the cars or the posters onto which an advertisement is placed is known as a car signage. Up till now, the only vehicles that make use of this idea of marketing a product and earning through it are the public transports and the trucks.

Don’t you personally believe that having a car signage on your personal vehicle would be a smart idea of earning an extra income? Or do you have a brand of your own and want to market it quickly and within a limited budget?

You have a new online business setup and you need people to access it for ratings. You have approached the social networking domains for publicity purposes for your website, but you find that it does not work out really well. Approaching people individually and telling them about your business website is also limited to the ones whom you know and meet frequently. More to it, that does not give the people of your town an access to your site so that you can have a great rating score.

car signages

Car signage can give you the advantage of telling the whole city about your website business or your brand. Make sure that you imprint the correct web address in case it in an online business or else, your investment shall go in vain.

What part do you think comes in contact most of the time with the passersby, the drivers and the passengers? Well, it is the rear portion of your vehicle which gets noticed most of the time when you are driving it around. Hence, it shall make a great place for your car signage if you want more people to view it. Hire the car signage maker from Melbourne.

Moreover, if you do not own a vehicle, you can advertise your product, brand or website by using a public transport. All you need to do is to claim a suitable budget and a set of terms and conditions upon which both the parties have agreed peacefully.

Whether it is a text or a picture, make sure that the advertisement sign you place onto a vehicle conveys your message easily and exactly the way you want. It is rather a cost-effective tool to market a product or to earn some extra pennies by marketing someone else’s brand.

What Is Digital Marketing?

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In the present times, technology is already well-developed. Due to this development, everything seems to be within everyone’s grasp. This big leap in technology also brought big impacts to different fields such as running businesses. Nowadays, business processes are not only made convenient through the help of science and technology but marketing strategies are also taken into the next level.

Without technology, telephones will not exist and so as other forms of communication like cellphones, tablets, laptops, and etc. People accepted these changes easily and because of that they grew fond of it in no time. With the birth of different communication platforms and the warm welcome of the people, business experts were able to find ways on how to boost their sales by taking advantage of this global advancement. This is when digital marketing started to emerge.

Before, products and services are usually promoted through newspapers, magazines, tabloids and word of mouth. In digital Marketing, companies already promote their products and services through electronic media, like the Internet, text messages, instant messages, mobile applications, electronic billboards, radio channels and etc. This other type of marketing is also different from traditional marketing because businesses can already get a real time analysis of their company’s marketing strategy. They can easily determine if their marketing campaign is effective or if it impacts their target audience. If not, they can easily change their strategy to be able to achieve their goal. After all, the cost in e-marketing is relatively cheap because as long as you have the device and the social media account, the “Publish” button is just one click away.

Companies can also use the activities trending in social media to be able to create a good plan for a product promotion. This will help you in getting to know more of your customers which is a good technique if you want to catch their attention easily. To be able to achieve it, you have to track your customer’s preferences in different channels like web pages, social media, emails, mobile and etc. By extracting these values using big data, you can now make better decisions in a snap of a finger.

Business owners are not the only stakeholders who can benefit from this type of marketing. The consumers can, too! Compared to the traditional marketing where the business company can only relay the information that they want the public to know, digital marketing allows the consumer to know both sides of the story. Consumers can now read product or service reviews from different users which makes it more reliable compared to the typical marketing strategy where sometimes the product becomes too good to be true. This is an important advantage because consumers would like to assure themselves that they can trust the product and it can accommodate to their needs and preferences. The modern consumers have grown wise thinking that there’s more behind the too-good-to-be-true product advertisements.

The platforms used in this particular marketing type also promote accessibility. Check out Fresh Digital Reviews for more details.

Advertise Your Photobooth Hire Business Right

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Marketing your business had just gone way easier than before. With the current technology and advancement of innovative ideas, you have all possible medium to advertise your Photobooth Hire business.

• Social Media – With the power and speed of the Internet, numerous devices being mobile, digital bug had bitten most if not all people; the social media can be maximized for your own advantage. Most applications are free, thus making everyone if not most people download and use them. Interlinking these said applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes makes sharing information about your Photobooth Hire over the Internet much easier and most likely faster.

• Website – You may even choose to make your own website to host a gallery for your Photobooth Hire business. There are a lot of free hosting websites and so goes with photo hosting sites that you may use to upload your clients’ photos or your service equipment to inform all possible clients as to how or what it is you can offer them. Creating a portfolio would be of more advantageous since visual marketing is definitely an attention catcher.

• Classified Ads – Either thru print or over the Internet, both could lead to a good number market number for your Photoboth Hire business. There are a few print classified ads that offer free space for small businesses, you may try inquiring or at least check for newspapers for such free service or posting. As for online ads, most are offered in hosted ads sites, you can always make a search engine check for such free ad posting services.

• Leaflets or Flyers – Almost everyone if not at least a few are knowledgeable of using photo editors, desktop publishing tools and or design applications. If not, surely that most can use Youtube for DIY tutorial in using such programs or applications. Else, shops nowadays, even small computer shops or Internet cafes that are within the vicinity or close by areas offer desktop publishing services. Not that expensive and does not take weeks to print your Photobooth Hire business marketing materials.

• Tarpaulins and Posters – Same as leaflets and flyers, only in a bigger print format for tarpaulins and posters. Such you can tack at the back of your car, van, RV, truck and or even walls outside your house, trees outside and all possible and level areas where you can tie or tack or mount your Photobooth Hire advertising materials.

Visit for details!

Marketing Gastronomic Delight

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Food industry is a fiercely competitive one with the market players trying all formula to stay afloat. Good marketing is key to the success of any kind of business. The restaurant may have a top class ambience with Michelin star chefs, but if not marketed properly, people will not get to know how good a place it is. So before embarking on a food journey, restaurant Brisbane plan to start the business of delighting people with food, should research about marketing and come up with innovative ideas to market their food and ambience.

Living in a world where people log on to social media networks every now and then, social media is the best platform you can get to claim your fame. Have a strong presence in the social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find millions of potential customers by promoting your restaurant online. Start an appetizing website for the gastronomic delight you promise to offer the customers. Share the photos and links of your website using social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Posting ads in social media can also work to your benefit. Also consider starting a food blog to boost your business. Food porn is much in hype, so click some drool worthy photos of the food you offer by hiring a professional photographer and share it to the world. Make sure to monitor the online presence of your restaurant regularly.

Australians love food and instantly gets attracted to places which promise to offer delight to their taste buds. Club up with online delivery services and present an attractive menu online. Providing discount coupons and offers is also a tried and tested marketing strategy which you can use to widen your customer base. If there are occasions like Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day coming up, then use them to your advantage and create offers revolving around the theme of the occasion. For example, on Valentine’s Day your restaurant can stand out from the rest by offering a special love themed food menu accompanied by a band to entertain the couples by playing their favorite romantic songs, along with a free couple ticket to the nearest movie theatre to watch the latest romantic movie. You can enter into deals with local business owners for providing offers like free movie tickets.

Stepping into the food business is never an easy task with so much competition along the same lane. The only way you can break into the forefront is by using strong marketing skills. Market your business with vigor and develop marketing plans to show to the world how you are different from the rest.

Guidelines to Make your Signage Effective

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Do you own a small business and would desire to advertise or promote them to the public to gain more clients or customers, but cannot afford TV ads and other costly advertising? Worry no more because there has been a recent study stating that signage are at the second top, beating any other advertising strategies or tools, in distinguishing where customers would purchase. In order to improve your signage, below are some guidelines on how to create a great signage.

• Allow your signage to have great visibility. Always put your signage in a clear and unobstructed place in order to assure great visibility. If you place your signage in a place where there are lots of trees, power linings, posts, buildings or houses, and any other signage, then you cannot guarantee its excellent function and you cannot gain much customers. Hence, before you rent or put up your signage in a certain location, always make sure first that the place is free from obstructions and a place where lots of public people will pass by. This is to ensure that the people can see your signage and locate them to your store. In addition, you could as well incorporate brilliant colors or lights, and any other elements that could make your signage stand out from the rest.



• Print signage with different sizes. There has been a study which stated that some individuals could acquire distinct perceptions on similar signage, varying on how they see it. Whenever people pass by and see a signage that fits to their visual perception, they would basically be able to respond much likely to words instead of graphics, this is according to an expert. On the other hand, individuals who witness a signage out from their visual perception, they would tend to respond more to graphic based signage which are installed at the eye level. Some people prefer reading on large sized signage while some feel comfortable reading on small signage. This is why it is also suggested to print different sizes of signage. Seek the advice of signage Melbourne.

• Keep your signage direct and simple. Signage that are hard to process might cause the person to see your brand as an unreliable, and any other negative perceptions. Nonetheless, if your signage acquires a simple design and direct message, it will be processed in the eyes and in the mind of the person easily which could then allow them to see your brand as a reliable and trustworthy business. Whenever you pick out a design, always take note of your message and keep it short and direct. If you plan to emphasize your business location, then feature it.

• Consider your signage as a component of your whole marketing technique. Business signage are usually one of the very initial pieces of marketing materials which a firm could create. As your business and phrases emerges, the appearance and touch of your signage must progress as well. Clients or consumers would always remember the signage similar to how they remember jingles and the advertisements they like.

Consider using car signage. It’s a cost effective way to advertise your products and services.