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Posted by on Dec 7, 2016 in Medical |

Medical Profession Is Amazingly Female Dominated

Unlike olden days when jobs kept reserved and categorized based on the genders, technological advancements have brought significant changes and brought equality without considering the gender differences. Many professions which were seen as a ‘Man’s job’ started to accommodate women professionals too. The medical profession is one area which has begun accommodating many women in it. ‘Female Doctor’ is no more a surprising phrase in the medical field. Evolution of the concept called Female Doctor The formal Medical practice has been in vogue in our society from as early as the 16th century. However, only men were given formal training in the Medical field, and women were not accepted to enroll themselves for the same. However, many women in the USA, England, South Africa and Australia equipped themselves in Medicines and practices concerned with the same in an informal manner. There was strict restriction for women to practice medicine in an official way owing to social and legal reasons which did not have any religious significance or interference. Because...

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Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 in Medical |

Some Tips On How To Select An Obstetrician

A doctor who is specializing in the branch of obstetrics medicine offers services to women such as prenatal care, child birth delivery, postpartum issues, to name a few. This type of doctor is the one who specializes in the field of pregnancy followed by labor and then birth. This type of doctor also has backgrounds on surgical care that pertains to child birth. The services offered by an obstetrician 1) Prenatal care- This is very important because through prenatal care, the possible complications of pregnancy and child birth will be prevented. There are many factors that are checked at this stage of your pregnancy by an obstetrician such as your current medical or health issues, the types of medicines you are taking, the blood type of you and your partner to see if your blood type is compatible or not. Then this is also the stage when you will be directed what food to avoid and what type of physical activities that you can do. Never fail a visit...

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