Finding the Right Family Provision Lawyer

Finding the Right Family Provision Lawyer

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When a loved one dies, it can be emotionally devastating to all those left behind. This is especially true if one is a dependent of the deceased. It is expected that the bereaved family will be provided for by distributing the assets and properties through the will and testament.

However, there can be instances when there are some irregularities in the will and a few people do not get what they rightfully deserve. When this happens, a family provision can be filed. There’s a group of specialists known as family provision lawyers who are there to provide assistance in this kind of situation.

If you suddenly find yourself in this scenario, then the first step is to seek the right legal support. When looking for an attorney to handle your family provision case, you don’t just need someone who is competent, you will also need someone who possess the following characteristics.


First of all, the lawyer must be able to handle the case with empathy and tact. They need to be considerate of the your emotional state. Anyone who files for a family provision claim must be going through a lot. The situation is not easy–  you have lost a loved one and right after that, you need to dispute the last will and testament that you dearly departed has left you with.



There might be a need to understand delays, limitations and the like. They must be patient enough to give you necessary the time you need to contemplate and plan your next move.  Things cannot be rushed at this point, thus, as their lawyer they need to understand that things should be handled in a more sensitive and more patient manner.


As someone who is contesting a will and testament, you shouldn’t feel any kind of negative judgement as long as you know that you deserve what you’re fighting for. A good lawyer should not give out unsolicited opinions and should have an idea of where you are coming from.