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Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Common tile and grout cleaners Mistake Most People Make

Tile floors are one of the most attractive features of any home and probably one of the most expensive purchases. Nonetheless, this part of the house is the most neglected area. Everybody wants a fresh looking house that is clean and inviting. However, only a few people pay attention to cleaning their tiles in the right away. Over time, the tiles accumulate dirt and become discolored. While hiring professional tile and grout cleaners Adelaide is highly recommended, it is also important to maintain the tiles to ensure that they still look the same as when they were first bought. Some of the mistakes people make when cleaning their tiles include:

Scrubbing the tiles

Tiles come with a finish. If one uses abrasive scrubbing powders, steel wools or other harsh scrubbing material on their tiles, they could end up damaging the finish. Instead use a mop or a soft cloth to clean the tiles. Additionally, using harsh cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach to scrub the tile flooring will only do more harm than good. Avoid products with harsh chemicals as they discolor the grout lines. There are milder tile and grout cleaners that are meant to gently clean tiles.

Letting spills sit for a long time

There is a huge misconception that some tiles are completely stain proof. Nevertheless, whether one has a natural stone or porcelain, no tile is guaranteed to be 100% stain proof. While some of them may be stain resistant, letting stains sit on for a long period of time will only makes the tiles appear discolored. Ensure that all stains are cleaned up with a soft cloth and tile and grout cleaners as soon as any spills occur to prolong the life of the floor.

Neglecting mopping and sweeping

Dirt is the number one enemy of tile floors as it damages the grout and finish. Failure to mop or sweep on a regular basis means that the floor won’t be able to last long. Remember to mop and on a regular basis. Avoid over wetting the area when cleaning as this could lead to cracks on the floor. Wipe the area with a soft cloth to prevent dirt buildup.

Wrong Vacuuming techniques

A vacuum is a great tool to get rid of dirt. However, using the metal beater bar on a vacuum can damage the tile’ finish. If the vacuum doesn’t allow the beater bar setting to be turned off, brush a specific area to get rid of the dust and dirt.

These are some of the tile cleaning mistakes one needs to avoid. To ensure that the tiles are properly cleaned, hire professional tile and grout cleaners. They have the right cleaning equipment and have been trained on the right ways to clean the tiles to ensure that they last for a lifetime.


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