Compost Heaps For Perfect Gardens

Compost Heaps For Perfect Gardens

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Creating your own compost heap is much easier than you may think and the fertilizer which you are able to harvest, is amazing quality and to top it all off, it is filled with love and commitment which you have for your garden.

A perfect way to start your compost heap is to start small. Contact one of your local garden services and hire yourself a garden bag. They are very durable, waterproof and reasonable priced. See garden waste removal Brisbane

A compost heap is basically made up of anything that you don’t consume or use but has the ability to rot and ferment. It sounds really terrible I know but the fertilizer created is of top grading and will have your garden blooming in no time at all.

Let’s start with the kitchen and household waste. There are so many scraps, peels and leaves we throw out while cooking and these items can be of such great value to a compost heap. Potato peels, carrot peels, leaves which are chopped off of fresh veggies and even veggies which are left over on uncleared plates can be of tremendous value. Don’t toss these in your refuse bin but rather aim for the garden bag which is the start of your compost heap.

Clearing the garden of cut grass, leaves and even small branches could be a gold mine when referring to matter that could form a solid base for your compost heap. Leaves, grass and wood all have the ability to rot and decompose and that is exactly what you want in a compost heap. The garden bag is the place for this garden waste.

Those of you who have pets in the form of dogs, you are in the pound seats. Although it really sounds terrible, your dogs mess is great for a compost heap. Just as most fertilizer is filled with chicken mess, your fertilizer will have the added value of your dog’s mess. Of course the job of tidying up after your pet is not the greatest job on Earth but it does have to be done in order to keep the living environment healthy and clean and now you have the added benefit of knowing that it is actually going to good use. Toss it in the garden bag kept aside for your compost heap and soon you will have A-grade fertilizer.

There is no need to go out and purchase expensive bags of compost and fertilizer from stores at all, take a little time and care and be aware of what you have to throw out and make the right choices and you will soon be a star at the art of making perfect compost. Of course as with anything, practice and trial and error are the only way to perfection so don’t lose hope if your first attempt fails, keep at it.