How Corporate Video Services Work

How Corporate Video Services Work

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Corporate video services differ from traditional video advertising as the former encompasses all internal and external messaging from and within the company whilst the latter appeals to a particular target market.

Corporate videos can be used for financial reports or training of new employees. It can also be a promotional material for an upcoming product launch.

Here is the process of video producing corporate videos:

  • Stage One: Inquiry

Upon receiving a call from a client, the team will hear what type of video their client needs from them, and whether they are can do that kind of work.

As clients describe how they want it to come out and who they want to be featured in it, the team will provide an estimate on how long the project will complete and how much it will cost.

  • Stage Two: Development

Now that the team is formally hired for the job, it’s time to determine who will be the specific target audience, what are the objectives and who will be the important people in the shoot.

And in order to stay on track, this is also the part where a working timeline will be given to the clients. The best part about hiring experts is that allowances are given so that the whole production doesn’t suffer in case of an unlikely situation.

  • Stage Three: Shooting

During this stage, everyone needs to come in prepared for the shoot. Both the team and the clients want to wrap up early, but they need to make sure that only quality shots are taken.

  • Stage Four: Post-Editing

Once all the filming has ended, it’s time for the post-production team to edit the work. Experienced experts know how long the rendering process each type of video will take. Therefore, they would never set a date that could compromise the quality of their work.

  • Stage Five: Submission

This is the final part when it comes to corporate production services. It’s also where the client will determine whether they’re happy with the output or not.

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