Designing A Business Card

Designing A Business Card

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Most networking events allow entrepreneurs to advertise their products or services to the participants. In most cases, the success of any freelancer agent or a company in these events is best determined by their marketing strategies, which, in this case, include a business card.

A well-designed business card speaks volumes. It is one of the major components in bringing out a unique, appealing first impression to your company. However, keep in mind that whilst a simple card does the trick for some ventures, a plain design does not work for others. Consider the following aspects when designing:

Choose a Design That Work Wonders

Sometimes, plain and simple designs work wonders. You can make the card capture the attention of potential clients by its shape, photo and texture of the material. If you want to avoid outrageously crazy designs, you are free to do so—it’s your discretion, after all.

Utilise the Back and Front

A business card designed to attract clients need to have both sides calling on a customer. Sitting on a desk with an empty side facing up can easily be mistaken for a trash and end up in a paper waste basket. Having information like company name, logos and teasers placed strategically on both sides brings out the best business card designs.

Select a Firm Paper

Be cautious of your paper choice. Nobody wants a service of a company that offers flimsy marketing tools. It should be more like a handshake: firm and professional. Avoid glossy paper since it proves hard to write on and most clients would want to jot something on the card for their own use.

Triple-Check the Details

When designing, it is best to triple-check to make sure that all the words and numbers are correct. Spelling errors are a turn-off to any potential customer and they easily dismiss the company’s services as soon as they realise a faulty card.

The design should be perfect and free of errors besides it is a small piece of paper cross checking it before dishing it out to clients should be a thing. Inked out information tells the clients that you are not the right person for the job since you cannot invest in a simple task.

Think Unique

Companies that recreate the logos or cards of others turn off prospective clients. Your card should have a unique shape, which is not too big or too small. It should be able to fit comfortably in a holder, mostly those that do not fit find their way to a trash can. Hence, the design should be standard in size.