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Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Marketing |

Designing A Business Card

In most networking events business tend to advertise and increase their client base, there is no better way to do this than to use a business card. Success of any freelancer agent or a company will be best determined by their marketing strategies which in this case includes a business card. They major component in bringing out a unique appealing first impression is a business card, a well-designed business card speaks volumes. The business card design should leave an impression with a potential customer to keep them wanting to work with you. A simple business card does the trick fine but not all businesses does it right. To have an appealing business card business should designed considering the following aspects.


Any business card stands out by being simple make the card capture the attention of potential clients by its shape, photography and texture of the material. Avoid outrageously crazy design unless you card will bring out the opposite effect.

Front and back

A business card designed to attract clients need to have both sides calling on a customer. Sitting on a desk with an empty side facing up can easily be mistaken for a trash and end up in a paper waste basket. Having information like company name, logos and teasers placed strategically on both sides brings out the best business card designs.

A card need to be firm

Be cautious of the paper choice for the card. Nobody would want a service of a company that offer flimsy business card, a business card should be more like a hand shake firm and professional. Avoid glossy paper since it proves hard to write on and most clients would want to jot something on the card for their own use.

Spelling errors and inked out details

When designing a business card it is best to triple check and confirm all the words and numbers are correct. Spelling errors are a turn off to any potential customer and they easily dismiss the company’s services as soon as they realize a faulty business card. Business card design should be perfect and free of errors besides it is a small piece of paper cross checking it before dishing it out to clients should be a thing. Inked out information tells the clients that you are not the right person for the job since you cannot invest in a simple task like having your card printed.

Unique shapes

Most businesses have business cards and recreating something similar to another company’s card is a turn off to any client. All business card should have a unique shape not too big or too small. Cards should be able to fit comfortably to an office business card holder, mostly those that do not fit find their way to a trash can. Hence, business card design should be standard in size.

Any business is a chance given to a company to give a good impression over and over.

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