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Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Home Improvement |

Different Kinds of Blinds

What are window blinds? Window blinds have numerous horizontal or vertical slats or strips that are placed in different sets of angles for the purpose of controlling the amount of light to come in the room. This also helps in keeping a person’s privacy in check. Not only that but it can also control the temperature of a room such as the wind and heat from coming in the room. Window blinds comes in various color, texture and material. With each unique window blinds, they all have different and varying purposes from one another. Some window blinds are made from wood, plastic or metal materials. Window Blinds Brisbane are also kept together by a cord and that cord runs through the blinds slats or strips. It is easy to use a window blind since the cord would only be pulled to either open or close the window blind. There are different kinds of blinds in the market and choosing one from the crowd is a hard choice to make. It is important to know which one would be the most useful and functional window blind for you.


The different kinds of blinds are listed below along with its description:

Pleated Blinds– This is the most common blinds one can have at home. It is a basic window blind that is easy to install and maintain over time.

Exterior Blinds– These type of window blinds are made specifically for outdoor use. It may be placed at a veranda and not necessarily on a window.

Aluminum Blinds– The aluminum blinds are great since it accentuates the room’s beauty and acts as a decor but with functionality. The aluminum blinds give more control on the lightness and brightness of the room since that is its main feature.

Roller Blinds– These type of blinds are great for security and safety of a home. Most people opt for roller blinds since it can be used by both windows and doors. Roller blinds are protectants of the home since it is difficult to pry on it.

Roman Shades– These are smooth moving blinds and are beautiful to put in in one’s home. They are made out of cloth which is a unique characteristic of a blind. Most regular window blinds are made out of plastic so roman shades stands out for its material.

Vertical Blinds– Window blinds are not necessarily made horizontal at its slats. Vertical blinds are eye catching when one comes in a room since the regular window blinds are usually horizontal. The vertical blinds are usually installed with doors or patio doors more specifically rather than a window. It is easier to maneuver the vertical blinds on doors rather than a regular window.

There are so many types of blinds designed, innovated and made by the market. Choosing one that would meet your purpose is possible since a lot of blinds were made for specific reasons for people to enjoy its functionality and beauty.

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