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Posted by on Oct 14, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Don’t Allow Yourself to Endure a Shocking Experience.

Electricity is dangerous if not treated with respect, experience and knowledge. When dealing with electrical installations, these must be carried out meticulously and without fault. Being shocked by badly installed wiring can cause great discomfort and in some instances burns could result in death.

When selecting electricians to carry out work on your home, please be careful and don’t employ the services of any contractor who says they can do the work. Remember that certification for electrical installations must be provided to insurance companies should a fire break out and failure to do so will result in non-payment. That really is not a risk that anybody should be prepared to take. Beside the monetary issue, the lives of those you love are at stake.

Certain factors must be considered when hiring electricians for any form of electrical work.

First and foremost your electricians must be licensed and insured. A valid license is proof that the electricians have a degree of experience and passed the recommended tests as well as has sufficient business acumen to run their operation. Insurances give you peace of mind that you, the electricians and their staff are covered in the event of an accident or injury. The last thing you want is to have to deal with those issues should they arise.

Once again value for money is important. Obtain at least three quotations from reputable electricians and compare the prices and quotations with a fine tooth comb. Beware of significantly lower quotes. The quotations should contain a full breakdown of work to be done as well as items that are excluded.

Experience is a necessity. Obviously different electricians specialize in different fields and you need to be sure that your chosen electrician is suited to your particular project. Your electrician should be aware of energy saving options due to the rising price of power on a daily basis.

An experienced and qualified electrician will have no problem offering a substantial warranty on his workmanship. Warning bells should signal if he is not prepared to offer a warranty.

Research and ask around about the electrician. You are certain to find somebody who has used his services. Ask the electrician himself for references and follow up with them. Recommendations are the best way to find a good workman.

Attitude is extremely important. Your electrician should have a professional, helpful and friendly attitude towards you and the task at hand. He should always be open to communication and have no problem answering questions or resolving issues. Your electrician should always be easily reached.

Don’t take half measures when it comes to electrical installations. Electricity is dangerous and can be a killer.

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