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Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Exit Cleaning: Hire A Carpet Cleaning Specialist

If you want to make sure that you can get your bond back, then hire exit cleaning professional as they know how to clean your home perfectly. An exit cleaning company is mostly preferred by many people as they know that they are professional cleaners, experts and well-experienced when it comes to spotless cleaning of homes, offices, hotels and more. Many people need Brisbane exit cleaning services as they don’t have time to clean their former home however they need to get their bond back. To get the bond back, you need to restore the property to good condition and leave the house in the same state when you first signed the lease.

If you are about to move to a new home, and you need to clean deeply your carpet, you might need to decide who you will choose to clean it. If you are thinking of cleaning it yourself, you might wish to consider some factors before making the final decision:

  • You may need to spend a day or two to clean it properly:
  • You should research about the type of carpet you have as carpet shampoos/ formula specialized for each type of carpets;
  • Think about the method of cleaning you are going to implement;
  • You need to read carefully the instructions of the carpet formula as it might be harmful;
  • Know how to make it dry.

The Other Skills of Exit Cleaners

You can also find help in hiring an end of lease cleaning company as they have many options of services from cleaning the whole house or just specific areas such as carpets. They have their cleaning method as carpet cleaning is involved that needs a good cleaning system. Their system assures that it will effectively remove ground-in dirt and grime, and cleaning formula will penetrate deeply and extract elements that vacuuming alone cannot remove. There are two common cleaning methods for you to choose from the Dry Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Steam Cleaning. 

The Dry Carpet Cleaning 

This method uses a carpet shampoo however it just leaves a petite moisture behind that is why it is called “dry.” The shampoo has very high levels of foam which do not make the carpet totally wet, and a cleaning machine follows it. Then, the carpet should be left overnight to dry and then vacuumed to get rid of any residue.

The Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also called “hot water extraction” or “encapsulation” that uses a cleaning machine that heats water. The hot water with a mix of solvent is forced into the carpet to trap dirt, grease and grime that are converted into crystals once dry, which can then be efficiently vacuumed. This method avoids using brushes which may damage the carpet fibers. Most ends of lease cleaning companies have more carpet cleaning methods, and you can choose according to the time that cleaning may take and to your budget.


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