Explore Islands At Puerto Galera

Explore Islands At Puerto Galera

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Do you want a quick getaway? Puerto Galera is a paradise that’s just 4 hours away from the city. To get there, you can drive to the Batangas Port which is a 2-hour drive from the city. From there, you can take a 2-hour boat ride to Puerto Galera. You can take the RoRo boat which allows you to bring your car with you. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about hailing tricycles in the island. There’s nothing like having the feeling of being able to go anywhere you want without much of a hassle. That’s certainly the case if you have your own vehicle there.

Your trip isn’t complete without exploring the islands at this famed tourist spot. At White Beach, you’ll find numerous agents offering this activity. The package includes a trip to Haligi Beach, Bayanan beach and Sandbar Island. During the trip, you’ll visit two spots where you can go snorkelling. In the first spot, you’ll find giant clam shells that are being protected. In the second spot, you’ll see a stunning view of the corals, sea urchins and diverse types of colourful fishes. If you want to feed the fishes, you can bring bread crumbs. The fishes will certainly head towards your direction.

One brilliant way to get close to this paradise is to invest in a luxury beachfront property in Philippines. It’s going to be one decision that will change your life forever. There’s nothing like living near the beautiful white sand beaches. You won’t have to worry about accommodations anymore when you want a quick beach trip.

If you want to retire from work, you can invest in a beachfront home. The island is an ideal place to live in. You won’t have to experience traffic and air pollution anymore. You’ll wake up to a fresh air every morning. Also, there are so many things to do aside from island hopping. The nightlife comes alive with so many performers including fire dancers. There are so many highly recommended restaurants to eat here too. So you won’t run out of option.