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Posted by on Oct 12, 2016 in Services |

Factors To Consider Before Buying Curtains

You want your hotel to look classy and attract more customers, right? You want your restaurant to look more amazing and get a better reputation by your customers? Then you need to ensure that part of your interior design is on point and attractive. One way of doing so is ensuring that your curtains are of good quality, stands out and blends with the rest of the room

The following are some of the factors to consider before buying a hotel curtains:

• It should not compromise the privacy of the clients. This apply to a guest house. Your priority is to ensure your clients feel secure and safe while dressing, sleeping or doing any kind of activity in your hotel. It should not transparent enough to reveal any activity taking place inside the room.


• Nature of the material. Select a good and high quality fabric that will enhance comfort to your clients. It should enhance a great feeling that makes them experience high level of luxury and value. You don’t have to hang a cheap curtains on your wall on a highly esteemed hotel that will turn away your customers. Ensure that the quality of the fabric used are made up of silk, faux-silk, velvet and linen fabric.

• Durability: Good quality curtains are always long lasting. You need specific washing machines that will not damage the heavy duty linen. This will ensure that they look new every time you do cleaning them as they can withstand heavy washing.

• Tailoring: Those that are custom made are better than those picked from the shelf. Ensure that they are well stitched and well-tailored. It should look neat and portray a professional look and not amateur attempt. Check carefully how it was tailored so that you can avoid embarrassments of stitches that does not have any formula. Look for a professional tailor who can deliver you the best.

• Interior décor: Consider the nature of the interior look décor of your hotel so as to blend well together. Go for modern prints if the interior is of modern look. This will enhance class and a sense of style to your hotel.

• Color: The curtains in Sunshine Coast are welcoming, cozy and warm. Hotels are where people come to relax and forget a little about the busy day to day activities. Go for colors that cools the nerves of your customers and have the feeling of a relaxed mind. A set of cool color combinations which are not too bright definitely will not give you a fail.

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