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Posted by on Sep 16, 2016 in Services |

Gas Water Heater; What You Need To Know

Gas hot water system can either be ran by natural gas or for some they call reticulated gas or main that is being sent through a pipe line or network, or it can be either LPG gas or Liquefied petroleum gas which is usually in bottle.

Gas hot water systems Brisbane is highly recommendable compared to either electric or solar run hot water system. If your location is not being reached by the sun or with limited supply of sun, you are not to choose solar hot water system obviously, as that may not be applicable for you and if you want to save and not get a shoot up in your electric consumption, you need to set aside electric hot water system aside from your options.

Nevertheless, gas hot water system is a good choice indeed due to its versatile qualities.

Not all homes or establishments have supply of natural gas, if this is the case, you can try if you can get a connection or have bottled LPG instead (although, this can be a more expensive option), nevertheless, gas hot water system has a lot to offer than other installation available for hot water supply.

For gas hot water system, there are two ways to get supply of hot water using gas, it can either be

  • Hot water is being kept in an insulated water tanks and keep it hot until hot water supply is needed. Storage water tanks may vary in sizes, thus the larger size you choose, the better of course. You need not to worry though, as once the water in the tank was fully consumed, gas can easily produce new volume of hot water.
  • There are some that prefer instantaneous system where you can get continuous flow of hot water. Water will only be heated in the time of usage. This can be recommended to those who need continuous supply of hot water like hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc. The downside of this way is the consumption of hot water may not be controlled, thus chances of increasing energy cost may happen unexpectedly.

Gas hot water system is still highly recommended compared to other hot water systems. It offers savings both on the installation process and continuous usage. It is just necessary, just like in any hot water systems of your choice, regular maintenance is imperative to ensure that you will have no issues on your hot water supply.

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