Great Deals for Vanuatu Holiday Package

Great Deals for Vanuatu Holiday Package

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Tucked away in the corner, to the Northwest of Australia is a little paradise Vanuatu, that should be visited by all. For the adventurous, the romantic, the laid back…it has all the experiences to offer. One can go backpacking all alone or even enjoy a family holiday.

There are great deals available for Vanuatu holiday packages. Immerse yourself in this peaceful haven and make it your own while on a holiday.

Port Vila

This is the largest city, and also the capital of Vanuatu. If one is traveling by air, or taking any Vanuatu holiday package then you are bound to touch this city, as the only main airport is in Port Vila. There are plenty of little markets that one can spend time in around the city. From fresh fruits to vegetables, to jewellery and clothes. This is also a good place to buy little souvenirs to take back home when exiting the country. A lot of artisans make hand made crafts and sell in these markets, native wooden works, which are rare to find else where.

Mount Yasur

Take a day trip on one of the Vanuatu holiday packages and experience a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with a volcano. Yes, you read that right, a live volcano, with hot molten lava strewing from within. Any Vanuatu holiday package offers a tour of Mt Yasur. One gets an thrill of a lifetime. Make sure you take an excellent camera to capture some of the most amazing shots one could ever see. Make sure to play it really safe and abide by the rules, when climbing atop the volcano.

Hideaway Island

This is a nice little getaway if you like to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and want to enjoy some peace and quiet. One can include in the Vanuatu holiday package activities like snorkeling and diving. This can also be made as a day trip, if you do not wish to stay too long on the island away from the people for too long. A romantic lunch can be organized, or a nice brunch barbecue along with some refreshing cocktails could also do the trick. Either ways, it will relax and ease your senses, just what a holiday is supposed to do.

What are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and book yourself an amazing Vanuatu holiday package