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Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Handy Plumbing Tips And Tricks

Knowing what to do when plumbing problems happen can save you headaches, money and time when they occur. Most common plumbing problems can be fixed yourself for less than $20, and lower the risk of your needing to have a plumber fix the problem later. Here are some easy plumbing tips.

Silence Your Creaking Pipes

Hot water can cause copper pipes to expand. When the pipes expand, they can grind against their hangers and the joints. There is a very simple solution to fix this, and it is adhesive-backed felt that is cut into strips about the size of the pipe. Once you have the felt cut, remove the hangers one at a time, and wrap the area of the pipe that is in the hanger with the felt, then refasten the hanger.

Quick a Loud Sink

A loud sink can be very annoying; however, they have a simple solution for fixing it, use expanding foam. If your loud sink has two basins, and is not installed this project is easier and neater. If the sink is already installed, you will have to be careful to only get the foam on the sink. A drop cloth can help make sure that if any foam falls, it will not get on the cabinets. Once the foam has completely hardened, you can trim away any extra foam with a knife. This is not recommend for use on basin sinks, as the foam can make it harder to install and replace.

Vacuum the drain

If you are dealing with an item that should not be in a drain or toilet, that is clogging the pipes, like a comb, toothbrush, or toy, a plunger may make the problem worse. If you use a plunger to try to fix this problem, many times it will only push the clog into the pipe deeper. If you know what is stuck in the toilet or drain, and it is a hard object, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the water, and hopefully whatever is clogging the drain.

Bucket Flushing

Running to the neighbor’s when you are working on a plumbing project is annoying, and a huge time waste. If you are able to, fill as many 2 gallon buckets with water of you own before you turn off the water. When you need to flush the toilet, dump a whole bucket into the toilet. This will work as well as if you had the water on; however, it will not refill the bowl.

If the plumbing problem is too much for you to handle, it is time to contact plumber Sunshine Coast for a more professional approach.

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