How Can I Claim Compensation for Industrial Deafness?

How Can I Claim Compensation for Industrial Deafness?

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The sense of hearing is a blessing. However, due to some reasons, it can deteriorate over time. Sometimes, this may be attributed to a genetic disorders or due to a disease. Another common reason is working in a very noisy environment. This condition is known as industrial deafness.

Industrial deafness, also known as occupational deafness or noise-induced hearing loss, may happen gradually or in a sudden as a consequence of being constantly exposed to high levels of noise in a working environment. People who become affected with this impairment usually are those involved in:

 Construction Work
 Mining Work
 Factories
 Processing industry
 Council workers
 Railway workers and transport workers
Heavy machine 
 Manufacturing Industry
 Airline Industry

How can I check having deafness or not?

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms,  you may be afflicted with industrial deafness.

 If you hear annoying ringing sensation or noise in your ears
 If you miss conversations in background noise
 If you ask people to repeat what they said
 If you want to raise the volume of TV or Radio to hear the voice
 If you have experiencing difficulty in understanding a telephonic conversation
 If you miss doorbell as well as telephone ringing

Once you determined that your hearing capacity has indeed suffered due to carrying out work duties, you can file for Industrial deafness compensation.

How to claim your compensation?

First of all, you have to provide medical proof that verifies that diagnoses you with industrial deafness. You must have be employed in the company for at least five years  or apply for the claim within 1 year from formal retirement.

Once you have applied for the claim, you will undergo a series of hearing tests. If the loss is more than 5%, then you will get compensation for your claim.

If your industrial deafness compensation claim is accepted, you will get a notice to receive lump sum payment. You can make a claim every 3 years from the date of claim acceptance.