How Polished Concrete Is Done

Polished Concrete

Though it is heavily advised to really hire expert polished concrete Sydney if you want to invest in this kind of flooring, but still you will easily find a number of homeowners and even business owners who will really try to deal with tasks like these on their own. They have this thinking that doing so will save them money. If this is also what you think, just be sure though that you can really do it and you will not hire a pro in the end. Note that if you will still end up hiring a pro in the end, your expenses might be more because your hired pro will still need to correct what you have done before they can start their own progress. This is why, if you are not that confident to deal with this project on your own, might as well hire a pro right away. This way, you will get the kind of flooring you really expect.

However, you can check below if you want to learn how to diy concrete polishing step by step:

• The first thing you need to do is to assess the concrete surface you plan to polish. You need to check its hardness and you can accomplish this with the use of concrete hardness tester.

• Once the first step is settled, you can then move on to the second step and that is to prepare the surface. Everything should be removed so that it will go back to the state when it is still newly laid. Of there cracks and dents, then you need to repair them by filling them so that the entire surface will of the same level. If there are existing floor coating, you also need to remove them before you start the concrete polishing procedure.

• Then the next step will be the initial floor grinding making use of diamond abrasives. Depending on the condition of the surface to be polished, this step might be done in just a single part or two parts.

• Once you are done grinding the surface, it is now time to apply liquid chemical hardener. This will not only harden the flooring but at the same time, it will also densify it. You see, the result is better if the flooring is harder and densified as this will make it less porous. It also means, your flooring will be less susceptible to damages.

• And the last step will be the floor polishing. Here you will use diamond grits in which slowly, the grits used will become finer. This way, a smoother surface will be generated. Note that, you need to be a pro in this to know when to switch to the finer grits.

• When you will already achieve the look you want, it is time now to apply protection to your flooring. You can use commercial stain guard protection which is actually a must especially if this flooring is constantly exposed to hazardous things such as grease and many others.