How to Choose Your First Onesie

How to Choose Your First Onesie

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Have you been secretly dying to have a onesie but don’t know where to start or have been too embarrassed to buy one. At onesies central, we will cater to all your onesie needs and make you comfortable enough to browse through our wide range of onesies.

Here is a short guide that will help you make your first purchase.

One idea by three men

Did you know that the real onesie was developed by three Norwegian men back in 2007 who decided to sew up their jogging bottoms to their warm hoodies to chill out and stay warm at home?

Why do you need a onesie?

• To stay warm

Fleece onesies make the best winter garments when it comes to keeping warm. However, by the time summer returns, you will be craving for cotton onesies that can have a great cooling effect. The best thing about onesies is that no one can see what you are wearing underneath and so feel free to layer up during winter and dress down during summer.

• For great comfort

This is actually the original reason for putting on onesies. There is nothing more comfortable than letting loose in baggy onesies. They are great for chilling out in the house and if you are brave enough, to go out with to do a couple of errands.

• Trending style

Though you may not out rightly associate onesies with high end fashion, but then why would Kate moss be wearing them if they are not fashionable yet she is a renowned fashion icon? There is a wide range of styles that you can choose and look as cool as Kate did.

Popular designs to choose from

• Animal designs

Do you want to be a penguin, lion or other animal? You can get animal onesies that are mostly worn at home or for fancy costume parties. Pandas and crocodiles complete with jaws are some of the popular designs.

• Fashionable onesies

This have become very popular with both men and women. If you are too cool to go out with an animal onesies then you are going to love these onesies that come in very subtle prints.

• Flaps

This is mostly ignored but comes in very handy as it saves you from having to get completely undressed every time you to the bathroom. However, look for simple fastenings that are easy to operate and that won’t affect your sitting comfort such as poppers.