Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovations

Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovations

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Who says you need a big fancy kitchen for it to look Instagram-worthy? In fact, a great interior doesn’t rely on how much space you have, but how you can maximise the area through creative and street-wise ideas for small kitchen renovations.

Here are creative ideas for small kitchen renovations:

Extended Counter

Get your counter to extend to the wall of your base window. This way, you get to install or attach whatever you want on the wall such as a wine glass, teacup or a knife rack as well as a soap dispenser.

Cabinet Garage

Cabinets can become bulky when they’re not compatible with the orientation of the room. A good renovation tip is to have a spring-load shelf cabinet installed in your kitchen. All you need to be to press or click it and the door will pop up on its own.

Kitchen Counter

If you don’t have the luxury of space to have a separate island, no worries! Turn the wall that separates your cooking area from your dining area into a counter. That way, you give everyone that ’60s vibe.

Rolling Ladder

Maximise your storage space by having shelves or cabinets placed on the highest part of your walls. To easily access it, have a rolling ladder installed.

Pot Rack

Bulky pans are never easy to store. Place them in your cabinets and they’re sure to take up so much space already. A space-saving tip is to have a pot rack that is best placed on top of your counter or island.

Stovetop Shelves

Who says you can’t put things above your stove? At least, not directly. What you can do is add shelves on top of it. Use that space to place spices and other condiments to ease your cooking experience.

With the help of experts, small Sydney kitchen renovations have become a fun and hassle-free experience for every homeowner. If you’re considering one, get help from Southern Sydney Kitchens and Joinery today!