5 Leather Maintenance Tips

5 Leather Maintenance Tips

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Whilst leather costs more than fabric furniture, it is still a good investment as it can last longer and add more elegance to your house. However, this will only happen if you will take care of it properly. So, to help, we listed the maintenance tips you can follow:

Wipe Your It Frequently

Wipe down your furniture with a dry and clean cloth regularly. This is to remove any debris, dust or dirt that stick on the surface. Vacuuming can also help too, just make sure to do it carefully and at low pressure to prevent any damage.

Apply a Leather Conditioner

Keep the leather from drying out by applying conditioner. This is important as when it dries out, it may develop a crack. However, you need to contact your manufacturer first to know what type of conditioner works well with your material.

Don’t Delay If There Is a Spill

If anything is spilt on your furniture, clean it as quickly as possible. This is to prevent discolouration and any spill marks. You can use a clean towel or micro fibre cloth to blot the area. Don’t use chemicals as it can create more problems.

Avoid Sunlight

Another way to prolong the life of your fixture is to keep it out from the direct sunlight. You can arrange it far from your window, or cover it with a blanket to avoid being exposed from too much heat. Don’t neglect this, as sunlight can cause your leather to dry and fade.

Call Professional Help

Nothing can clean your fixture better than the professionals. Aside from they have the expertise, they also have appropriate cleaning materials. So, if you are not sure with the chemicals that you will use or don’t have time to keep this clean, you can always opt to leather cleaning services. If you are in Brisbane, the best company to call is Results Home Services. They provide a quality service so you are assured you get the best result.