Medical Profession Is Amazingly Female Dominated

Medical Profession Is Amazingly Female Dominated

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Unlike olden days when jobs kept reserved and categorized based on the genders, technological advancements have brought significant changes and brought equality without considering the gender differences. Many professions which were seen as a ‘Man’s job’ started to accommodate women professionals too. The medical profession is one area which has begun accommodating many women in it. ‘Female Doctor’ is no more a surprising phrase in the medical field.

Evolution of the concept called Female Doctor

The formal Medical practice has been in vogue in our society from as early as the 16th century. However, only men were given formal training in the Medical field, and women were not accepted to enroll themselves for the same. However, many women in the USA, England, South Africa and Australia equipped themselves in Medicines and practices concerned with the same in an informal manner. There was strict restriction for women to practice medicine in an official way owing to social and legal reasons which did not have any religious significance or interference. Because of these situations, there existed no terminology called.

“Female Doctor” in the olden days

female-doctorsThe efforts women all over the world took in practicing medicine ceased to lower down. Women were in constant touch with the field of medicine throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. They practiced medicine informally rendering services to the society as midwives and nurses. Their role during many wars that happened in these centuries advanced their knowledge about medicines to a vast extent. They documented the extensive knowledge gained by women during these times in the form of books. These books acted as huge guidance for all those who aspired to become ‘Female Doctor.’

Medicine today

The field of medicine saw tremendous improvements in its approach towards women becoming medical professionals. The concept of ‘Female Doctor’ became significant in a more rapid manner than ever before. Women are receiving admissions for medicine and related studies in huge numbers year over year. Discrimination pertaining to women becoming Doctors and surgeons are very less comparing to olden days, and in fact, they are getting equal opportunities as that of men.

Today, many branches of medicines are more female dominated, and we can find many meritorious woman doctors with their success stories in various medical fields. Female doctor Gold Coast are present in many branches of medicine, which were once predominantly dominated by men and were an inaccessible area for females. This change is a welcome one that gives scope for many more intelligent women to come into the limelight. The brilliance with which every Female Doctor handles severe ailments has made the world change its attitude totally toward the capabilities of women at large