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Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Entertainment |

Merits And Demerits Of A Photo Booth Hire

Due to increase of the use a photo booth at events around Australia there has been some merits and demerits that have come with it. Someone can ether buy his/her own photo booth or opt to rent one. I will analyze the pros and cons that have come with the revival of photo booth hire. If you want to hire a photo booth it would be good if you know the benefits and its limitation too to avoid unexpected disappointments. Clearly, almost everything on this planet has its good and bad side and so the same applies for a photo booth. Let’s see if the merits of a photo booth outweigh its demerits.

Instant prints

You can get a photo taken from a photo booth within a snap of a finger. You can own the photo prints you have taken in a photo booth within seconds and keep them safe. People can always get a number from pictures from a photo booth except if the printer runs dry of the ink. The only problem that comes with it is that the photos taken might not be of the best quality.

Multiple photos

A photo booth produces multiple photos. They are usually done in four sets so anyone using a booth can change the poses and have multiple photos of them. The advantage of taking various photos is that you choose from them the best and add it to your photo album. Photo booth hire would be best for an event to allow guests have several pictures and share them among themselves.


If you would want cool additions to your photo a photo booth hire comes with it. Making a photo more appealing can be made through adding props available in a photo booth. Some of this props are mustache, hats, wigs, jewelry beads and sunglasses among others. Experimenting with different props improves the photos taken by making it more fun and memorable.

The disadvantages that the photo booth have are.

Space consumption

They are bulky and you would always want a couple of people to carry it. It would only be good for it in a big event since it consumes a lot of space. They also require electricity to operate hence it needs to be located near a power source. Due to such limitations it can prevent some clients from a photo booth hire if they are having a small event with limited space to spare.

From the advantages and disadvantages featured above it is clear that the party photo booth hire Melbourne have more advantages than disadvantages.

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