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Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 in Home Maintenance |

Most Common Plumbing Features

Plumbing can be of anything related to water supply, waste and circulation, needless to say, it is necessary that plumbing will be completed and done only by professional plumbing Brisbane North to ensure that they will operate exactly according to their purpose.

For standard plumbing fixtures, you can be any of the following:


A large container where one can immerse home or self to either hot or cold water. It can be made of different materials acrylic or fiber glas and more expensive materials like cast iron, enamel, steel and sometimes waterproof woods.

Bathtubs come in many types and the most common would be eastern style bath tub, western style, claw foot tub, whirl-pool tubs and hot tubs.

Households, hotels, motels and the like usually acquire bathtubs to give their families or guests the comfort and relaxation that one can get out of dipping themselves into the tubs.


Most common amongst the plumbing fixtures are the sinks. They are commonly seen in the bathroom, kitchen, utility and other areas. It is a bowl shaped fixture that is used mainly for washing hands, small objects, dishes etc.

The sink comes with another plumbing fixture, which is the faucet.

the most common type of sinks are the bottom mount sinks, self rimming sinks, butler sink, solid surface sink and stand alone sink. You can always ask your plumber on which best to use, as each type of sinks may come in different functionalities and features.


Another kind of plumbing fixture that is considered to be one of the most important. This is not to be explained further, as needless to say, this is where one will use toilets to urinate, do their bowel movements and anything else.

They come as well in many types like, flush toilets urinals, high tech toilets and dry toilets. They come in different types to ensure that the need of a person will be provided, may they be elsewhere.


Not too much changes on this type of features as from when it all started up until this moment, showers are being used with nozzles to supply one with either hot or cold water. The innovation mostly come on the nozzle shape, size and material to provide on with different effects and pressure, but other than that, none too much to consider as changes.

The types of showers can be electric, water, air shower, steam, bucket and beach shower.


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