Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

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The wedding cake is the exemplary center of attention during wedding receptions. By tradition, it has been allotted as well with a specific time slot for cutting and serving, thus, it has become one of the most awaited activities in the ceremony. Through the years, the designs and the details of the wedding cakes available have also evolved, as they become more elaborate due to the fondant and sugar roses. If white cakes are the most popular so many years before, these days, you can see wedding cakes that are bursting with colors. However, you would also agree that no matter how gorgeous your wedding cake looks like, what matters more is how it tastes. What re the popular wedding cake flavors. Here are some.

Red Velvet. Although this flavor is considered as a newcomer, it has quickly become one of the popular wedding cake flavors. In fact, this flavor is one of the most requested since 2014, along with vanilla and chocolate. It tastes between chocolate and vanilla, but not quite. Red velvet is named after its deep red color, and it is a perfect shade to symbolize love and romance.

Chocolate. Chocolate must have been the all-time favorite flavor of everyone – and even in wedding cakes it seemed to be one of the most popular. What’s more, your must-have-been favorite childhood comfort food can now be improved by adding a twinge of other fruity flavors like orange, strawberry and even mint. Or you can also stick to the purest of chocolate fudge by getting that German chocolate cake.

Vanilla. So if you choose to go traditional with your wedding cake, you can never go wrong with vanilla. Like what was stated, vanilla is still one of the most popular cake flavors and is still being requested by many couples. The beauty in this flavor is that, you can keep it as it is – plain vanilla, or you can have it dressed up in any way you want. You can add basically any kind of frosting, fruit or filling.

White Chocolate with Raspberry. Raspberry is one of the most delicious fruit flavors that can be paired up with chocolate – no kidding. This provides a new twist to the old and traditional white chocolate cakes served at weddings.

So have you chosen your cake flavor yet? These are just some of the many wedding cake flavors available so you have a lot to choose from decoration wedding cakes

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