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Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Hospitality |

Pass Through Dishwashers And What They Can Do For You

These past through dishwashers are commonly used in commercial hospitality establishments like restaurants and hotels and are also known as hood type commercial dishwashers and get them in because in practice, the racks are pushed towards the wash chamber. Typically, the cleaning is handled in batches and once it has been cleaned, it is ejected and the next rack takes its place. The hoods are operated manually or automatically and without one, any food establishment will suffer from a deficiency in service.

The first benefit of pass through dishwashers is the automation of operations. The entire process of dishwashing from removing the dirt to drying the utensils can be executed without supervision. In addition to working on their own, they are capable of handling large numbers of utensils simultaneously. They provide a service which the enormous effort of manual dishwashing cannot hope to manage. They save on the headcount and employees can then be used more productively elsewhere and the productivity of the whole business improves as a result. Because of their efficiency, the same time as well because they can clean a whole load of dishes in just a few minutes and this is a blessing when the place is crowded. In addition, they are easy to operate because they do not involve any kind of bending or lifting. Moreover, many of them are designed to save on the consumption of water, power and detergents with a consequent cost saving.

Pass through dishwashers are completely safe and hygienic because nothing is handled manually and this absence of manual operations, sales and breakage as well. The incidence of accidents is reduced and the quality of utensils is maintained because when is no possibility of damage to the surface because of bad handling. In manual dishwashing, staffs have a tendency to overlook some stains in their rush to get through their work and the quality of the utensils can be unsatisfactory as a result. They operate at a temperature which is sufficient to kill micro organisms and prevent them breeding. In addition, they have built-in separators which separate the clean utensils from the dirty ones efficiently. They are also equipped with a space for pre-rinsing in which a spray nozzle rinses the dishes before they enter the wash chamber for cleaning.

There has been a great deal of interest in pass through dishwashers and most of them up and with steam condensation systems. These reduce the amount of steam generated in the wash room environment and make it possible to use powerful machines in environments where the ceiling height and ventilation would otherwise be inadequate. There is now a new system in which the remaining 30% of steam is condensed with air-based-based systems which remove the steam from the top of the hood.

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