Prevent Clogged Drain with These Tips

Prevent Clogged Drain with These Tips

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Who wants to deal with a clogged drain? A clogged drain creates an unpleasant smell and is a source of a lot of mess. It can also attract pests. Luckily, we can avoid that to happen by following these simple tips:

Don’t throw food in the sink 

Having a garbage disposal doesn’t mean that you can now dump too many scraps on your sink. Not only will it ruin your fixture but it can also affect your pipes. Instead, put all the food crumbs in your bin. Moreover, avoid pouring oil and grease as it can solidify in your line after some time. Also, inform your kids the importance of your pipes and how it will affect it. This way, they will be more knowledgeable on how to maintain it.

Use strainer

If we can’t avoid throwing our food waste in our sink, you can just put a strainer. This way you can prevent any hair, vegetable peels, and other types of food scraps to go into your pipes. Just make sure to use high-quality and fine mesh to strain even the tiniest scraps.

Run hot water

Simple blockages can be solved by pouring hot water in your drain. This is because the water can dissolve the grease that is blocking down your pipes. You can also mix it with vinegar for it to be more effective. Just make sure that you are not using PVC pipes as the acid in the vinegar can ruin it.

Proper maintenance

Just like with any fixture in our home, proper maintenance is the best way to avoid blocked drains. So, clean it every day and call plumbing services at least twice a year to make sure that all your pipes and sewer lines are working properly. Don’t neglect this to avoid having future problems. Just make sure that you will research first and won’t settle with the first firm you see to get the best deals. There are many companies that provide a free quote so take advantage of that.