Prop Ideas for Photo Booth Design

Prop Ideas for Photo Booth Design

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Do you know what makes photo booths fun to use? They can be customised by the people who wish to use it. Here are some awesome props ideas:

Balloons – All children love balloons as these items make each photo more colourful. It would be ideal to have balloons of assorted colours to make the event bubblier.

Instagram or Polaroid frame – A photo always looks better if it’s placed inside a frame. Therefore, this prop has become so popular for people of all ages.

Fake Weapons – For added fun, guests can hold fake knives, guns, and even chainsaws. These items are ideal for Halloween parties. Sometimes, guests put on fake blood to make the picture more realistic.

Masks – Guests can easily transform into their favourite movie icon or cartoon character by wearing masks. They can even imitate him by doing what he normally does. It’s all for fun and that’s what a photo booth is all about.

Banners– Plenty of photo booths also include banner props. One will usually contains a congratulatory phase or a greeting. The most popular clouds are “Congrats!” and “Just Married.” It’s a prop that’s common for weddings. You’ll usually find clouds that say, “Team Groom” and “Team Bride” there.

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