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Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Protecting Outdoor Accessories from the Weather

The presence of outdoor accessories in an environment performs roles in functionality as well as for styling an area. During the summer periods, the accessories like sunbeds, umbrellas, pool chairs, lounges and kids play gear can be found around the back and front yard with no possibility of damage happening to them. But when the cold winter months set in, the protection of these items against weather elements becomes priority as the other option of packing them up for either storage in the basement or garage might not be an easy task for a setting that has been screwed into the ground or built for it.

Looking at it from a certain angle, during the summer periods when a soft summer wind blows in can see the throw pillows on the couches or even the pool chairs being offset from their prior location especially if they are placed under trees and branches that can be swayed under the dictates of the wind. Some of the new outdoor accessories can survive under certain weather conditions but this does not mean their care should be neglected because of that. During the tough winter periods when snow and rain are likely to set in, It is best to provide outdoor accessories with the best care possible. How?

  • – For couches with throw pillows that are not joined to them, it is best to strip them off and place them indoors. The couches can be covered with tarp or plastic coverings to prevent them from getting drenched. There are also outdoor cushions that come with ties on them; these types are usually associated with wooden chairs. The pillows can either be taken indoors too or the ties used to secure their placement to the chairs.
  • – For umbrellas and pool chairs, do not leave them standing outside regardless of whether or not a protective covering has been placed on top of them. Umbrellas with poky edges when left open can be carried away by the wind and can be found damaged later on. As for lounges and pool chairs the wind could toss them into various places and if some objects are fragile like vases and glass tables, these lounges can cause damage to them.
  • – Small vases, flower pots and candles may be light weight but they are the ones more prone to getting damaged by the winter weather.
  • – The kids play gear such as the trolleys, teeter-tooters and wiggle cars should be taken to the basement or garage.  The dome climber can be secured to the ground with pegs and nails while a tarp or plastic covering can be placed on it to protect it from the snow or rain.


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