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Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Construction & Renovation |

Safety Tips On Concrete Cutting

Renovation is one of the most common thing that we now see in our society, may it be a building, a road or even on how people do what they need to do. Renovation is the act of updating or enhancing something that need to be enhanced. It is also one way of maintaining the durability of a building or something. Most of our buildings nowadays are made up of a concrete that is known to have a very strength and durability.

One of the things that must be done in renovating a concrete building is to do concrete cutting. Concrete cutting is basically one way of renovation that only cuts the concrete that needs to be cut. It is one way of ensuring that no good concrete will be wasted because of a mistake. Concrete cutting is all about efficiency and precision. For example, only one part of the building will be renovated, therefore, that part should only be affected and so, concrete cutting needs to be done to make sure that no other parts will be included in the renovation.

Concrete cutting needs to be done by someone who has enough knowledge on how to use the tool that is used for concrete cutting. It is important that he possesses enough knowledge on it because concrete cutting can be dangerous. For more security and safety, here are some tips on how concrete cutting should be done.



1. Always wear safety gears.

In handing dangerous tools such us a concrete cutting tool, it is important that the one doing the job is wearing a safety gear. Concrete cutting has a lot of tiny concretes blowing away and these tiny particles could get into the eye of the person. To prevent this from happening, he should be wearing his safety goggles to make sure that he is free from any getting his eyes hurt. Also, this concretes, even when they are tiny can still hurt a lot when it bumps into the skin because of the strong force and so, the safety jacket, pants and boots should also be worn.

2. The right tools should be used all the time.

There are construction workers who make use of tools that are not for that kind of job or in this case for that kind of depth. Using different tools from what should really be used can be dangerous and can blow the project off because it might cause mistakes. In concrete cutting, a single mistake can already be fatal to the project and so, if you have the right tools for the job, use it. Do not let laziness or your lack of judgment be the reason why the project fails.

3. Check the tools before using them.

One of the most important things in ensuring the success of the project is by checking the tools that are to be used. Check and see if it is still functional because it might have some defects that can ruin the entire project.

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