Some Popular Types of Paella

Some Popular Types of Paella

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Spain is a bustling European country that has a rich history. Most food experts believe this country in the Iberian Peninsula is one of the richest in terms of history and gastronomy. Throughout the ages, many nationalities have influenced the Spaniards— among them, are Ancient Romans (Spain being a part of the Roman Empire), Muslims, and the Natives of South America. These influences extend to the culinary arts of Spaniards especially with the arrival of fruits, vegetables, and other spices and herbs from Latin America.

One of the most popular Spanish dishes is paella. This rice-based dish originated in the Andalusian region. Dubbed as the queen of Spanish tables, paella is characterised as a mixture of rice and various meats like chicken and rabbit as well as vegetables.

There are different varieties of this dish, which can be offered by your favourite paella caterer. Here are some of them:

  • Valencian – This is the most common type in Spain. It is prepared with pepper, tomato, onion, and garlic ‘sofrito’. Rabbit is the most used meat for this variant.
  • Meat – Often called as the typical Sunday paella, this type is cooked with chicken meat with a good amount of paprika and black pepper as well as red pepper and peas.
  • Seafood – Known locally as paella marinera, this is prepared with prawns, squid, clams and mussels. True to its name, this is the food of choice in coastal areas and is commonly consumed in beach bars.
  • Mixed – This is a richer variant as it is a mixture of ingredients of meat and seafood types. It is often cooked in every home. It is prepared using meat sofrito as well as squid and prawns. This is perhaps the type with the richest flavour.
  • Black – The black variant is coloured as such because of the octopus of squid ink. Its ingredient is just the same as the seafood type but its appearance and taste make it a distinct variant.

If you want to serve any of the types of this flavourful dish, you should order from a reputable paella caterer near your area.