Some Tips On How To Select An Obstetrician

Some Tips On How To Select An Obstetrician

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A doctor who is specializing in the branch of obstetrics medicine offers services to women such as prenatal care, child birth delivery, postpartum issues, to name a few. This type of doctor is the one who specializes in the field of pregnancy followed by labor and then birth. This type of doctor also has backgrounds on surgical care that pertains to child birth.

The services offered by an obstetrician
1) Prenatal care- This is very important because through prenatal care, the possible complications of pregnancy and child birth will be prevented. There are many factors that are checked at this stage of your pregnancy by an obstetrician such as your current medical or health issues, the types of medicines you are taking, the blood type of you and your partner to see if your blood type is compatible or not. Then this is also the stage when you will be directed what food to avoid and what type of physical activities that you can do. Never fail a visit to your obstetrician for your prenatal care.

2) Labor and birth care- There are so many factors that pertain to this stage of your pregnancy as each woman has different issues regarding labor and birth. Some may undergo a rapid labor which only lasts for an average of three to four hours. On the other hand, there is also the issue of prolonged labor. Then there is also the possibility of fetal distress wherein the fetus did not get the right amount of oxygen supply. All of these issues along with others, will be handled well by an obstetrician.

3) Abnormal pap smear result – Once women begin to be sexually active, it is recommended that the undergo annual pap smear testing to see if there are abnormalities. If the results are not good, then the obstetrician will perform some treatments such as colposcopy. Abnormal pap smear results, if not treated right away may result to infertility.

4) Counseling- A good doctor has the time to listen and to empathize with the patients. For those who are having a difficulty getting pregnant, the obstetrician can help in the different treatments to induce ovulation. Then the obstetrician also helps some women cope with their postpartum depression.

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