Split Large Groups by Getting Four-Bedded Rooms

Split Large Groups by Getting Four-Bedded Rooms

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If you happen to be in groups of more than six people and you want to evenly divide all the available amenities so that everyone can have fun, then our four-bedded rooms are just the best for you. We are committed to helping you save a lot of money whilst offering the best accommodations in town.

The features will prove that you will be able to maximise what you have invested:

Four Beds

Our four-bedded rooms have a unique feature in terms of the beds that it has. That much-deserved rest is guaranteed with those two double-decker beds; you can also choose one queen sized bed with two single beds depending on your preference. This is one of a unique feature we offer.

A Convenient Room Indeed

The doors are electronically locked in these units and that will surely provide you not only with convenience but also with security. We also have fully air conditioned units for your relaxation as well.

Coffee Maker and Fridge

If you want to enjoy meals and snacks, note that we also have a fridge where you can store your food. We also have a coffee and tea maker for you to use.

Ensuite With Two Bathrooms

Waiting for your turn in bathrooms can sometimes be annoying. With our double bathrooms, you never have to feel this way again. There are two toilets and shower rooms that can save everybody’s time.

Miscellaneous Services

We provide single parking space and Wi-Fi access for free. Because we want to give you not just everything that you need, but also everything that you want.

Our services are good for everyone, but best for larger groups. We make sure that you will be able to save money but at the same time enjoy life to the fullest with our services.