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Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Accommodations |

The Best Things to Do When you Stay at Norfolk Island Family Accommodation

You’d be surprised with the tons of activities that will await you if you will book an apartment style accommodation at Norfolk Island. We fully understand that family members would rather stay in an accommodation where they can be together. This is why it is a family outing and that is why we offer you an apartment style Norfolk Island family accommodation which can be booked online. Unlike hotels where you will be booked in separate rooms, what we offer you is something for the family. The apartments come in different floor areas, depending on the size of your family members. We have an apartment that is perfect for a family of three or four as it comes with two bedrooms. Then we also have a bigger apartment perfect for four or more family members which have three to four bedrooms. All the apartments are safe and centrally located. Book with us your Norfolk Island family accommodation and we promise to give you the optimum comfort, and fun and relaxation during your stay. To find out what you can do at Norfolk Island, then here is a list of things to do:

Baunti Escapes

Learn the history of the Norfolk Island by spending some time with the Baunti people who have ties with the bounty mutineers as well as the Polynesian partners. They will guide you and narrate to you the rich history of the Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island Museums

You will be impressed with the multi layer stories of the Island as you go around the museums. You will learn the early inhabitants of the Island and how it was later on discovered by Captain Cook and how it became a place for the convicts. Then find out how it became the Island that it is known now to be a place where locals are very accommodating and hospitable. Book with us your Norfolk Island family accommodation and we will assist you in the many tours and activities that are available for you to enjoy.

Norfolk Blue farm tour

An average of 100 acre farm where you can see how the cows are well fed and taken cared of by the locals.

Aqua sports activities

If you book with us your family accommodation Norfolk Island Australia, do not miss the rich aqua life and see all the live corals and marine lives that are abundant at Norfolk Island.

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