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Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Home Improvement |

Stump Removal –Benefit or a Hazard?

Cutting down a tree is one thing, but stump removal can be a lot trickier than it seems. In fact, most contractors and landscapers tend to avoid meddling with stumps, making expert removers essential for any such projects.

Leaving the stump behind after the tree has been removed, assuming the danger is gone is one of the worst mistakes you can make in your home. At best, this stump will remain an obstacle in your way for years to come, meaning you will have to watch out for it every time you go for a walk or let your kids outside. Disease and termites are also a possibility, not to mention the fact that a stump in your yard looks very unappealing.

Stump removal is no simple matter, mind you. Whether the tree was felled by a professional or got knocked over by a storm, the stump can be a far greater obstacle than the tree itself. This is especially true if the tree was old and had a well-developed root system. In fact, some trees have such strong and complex roots that simple removal is not even possible – not without some serious tools and experts.



Usually, stump removal involves digging around the base of the stump to try and uproot the bloody thing, and after a large enough section of the stump has been cleared, the stump could be jostled out of the ground. However, few professionals will opt for this traditional method simply because it is taxing on the time and effort that needs to be put in. A professional would usually opt for stump grinding instead, especially if the tree was really old and thick.

By breaking up the stump while it is still in the ground, the professional should be able to uproot smaller pieces one by one in a faster and more efficient manner. It still involves a lot of work, but this way, there is less digging and more pulling. Tree stump removal may seem like a straightforward affair, but it is best left to the professionals – stump removal Brisbane, it is both quicker and safer that way.

This is why it is important to find the right contractor to do the job. Many amateurs hire cheap labor and skimp on insurance costs, which can prove to be a great mistake down the road. This is a hazardous job that not anyone can do, and certainly not at bargain prices. You do not want to take this chance –call a professional.

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