Summary Of The Causes And How To Claim Industrial Hearing Impairment

Summary Of The Causes And How To Claim Industrial Hearing Impairment

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If you’ve been working in a loud setting, then there’s a big possibility that your hearing becomes adversely affected.

Here’s a glance at the causes of this hearing impairment and tips on how you could claim a compensation for industrial deafness.

What is industrial deafness?

Industrial deafness, or noise-induced hearing loss, is a real risk for workers of certain industries. These industries include construction, mining, factories, call-centres, and night clubs. This condition may be classified into four types-temporary loss of hearing, permanent loss of hearing, acoustic trauma and tinnitus.

Common symptoms include: loss of hearing in one or both ears, missing parts of a conversation, having the need to turn up TV or radio, and the presence of a buzzing sound in the ears.

Who is to blame?

The Noise at Work Act 1989 was introduced to make the employers responsible for providing a safe and less hazardous work setting.

Due to this act, industrial hearing impairment has become much less frequent. As a result, employers have started to take better measures in ensuring the safety of their personnel.

Advances in technology also decreased the statistics for industrial deafness. Newer models of machinery are usually less noisy than the old ones in the past.

Making a claim

If someone has developed this condition and it was proven that the employer did not do its part in providing protection, then a compensation could be claimed. One will be entitled to receive something from $ 8000 to £120,000, depending on the degree of deafness.