Termite Barrier: Installation, Effectiveness and Safety

Termite Barrier: Installation, Effectiveness and Safety

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We can agree that termite infestation is one of the serious problems at home. Aside from creating structural damage, it can also cause health issues like hepatitis B, diarrhoea, and other infections. If you want to avoid costly repairs of home’s foundation and hospitalisation bills, better install a termite barrier.

Since not all of us are familiar with this treatment, here’s a guide on its effectiveness, installation process, and safety:

  • What is a termite barrier?

The mysterious tape surrounding a property is called the termite barrier. It is placed on the ground to disrupt the natural movement of the pests in a building. Usually, these pests enter the house through a hole in the foundation. When the treated zone has this chemical, the pests will be easily killed off, making the house safe from infestation.

This is what makes this treatment in demand in all residential properties. Once installed, you can easily see the effect in less than a month.

  • How does it work?

The chemicals present in the treatment can completely kill the pest. If you’re a fan of repellents, there’s a bad news for you: it only deters the pests and not really kills it off. So better move up to the barrier in order to get rid of the infestation.

This is what’s going to happen in your property upon the installation of the barriers: the specialist will inspect the house to see the level of damage. After that, they will dig in the ground, approximately 300mm. The said trench will be injected by a chemical compound that binds with the soil. After 21 days, the specialists will revisit the site to check if the entire colony is killed.

  • Is this safe for humans?

The termite barrier is definitely safe for people. The chemical only affects the pests and doesn’t have a bad effect on pets like dogs and cats.