The Advantages Of Registering Your Australian Business

The Advantages Of Registering Your Australian Business

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Those who are running a kind of business are required to register their businesses if they are using different business names from their real names. This is a law imposed by the government. Though every state or country for that matter varies in this requirement but still the bottom line is, you need to register your business so that it can be counted just like you need to register a new born baby to be counted as well. If you happen to be in Australia, you can register your business name via ASIC or you can also use the Incorporator site as this is an approved site to register a business. This is only valid for Australian businesses though. Registering your business is part of your obligations being an entrepreneur and you must comply with this or you will be penalized when discovered.

Why Incorporator? Because of so many things which are enumerated below:


– Registering your business name via Incorporator is easy and can be quick as well. However, since you will be the one controlling the entire process, this will depend then on your own pace. But according to those who already used this site, it only took them about 5-10 minutes to complete the ordeal.

– The terms used in Incorporator are simple and easy to understand. However, there is a helpline that one can call. The site itself is available 24/7 but the helpline is only available during office hours thus you should take note of that in case you need to call them. The helpline is free though.

– The questions are at the same time easy as they are just all about you and your business of course. You only need to click the answer most of the time though there are rare cases where you need to really input the answers like for example your name and so on.

– One thing though, before registering your business name in Incorporator, be sure that you already have an ABN number as the registration will not be completed without it. This is one of the most basic requirements to register a business name no matter where you register.

– When you are done with the registration, you will then receive an official copy of your registration. The site will furnish one for you to copy and you will also get one in your provided email address.

– And the last but not the least is the fact that you don’t need to create an account if you will use Incorporator to register your business.

Unlike with ASIC, you will really need to have your account and to log in before you can use the site. This way is quite time consuming.

As registering your business name is compulsory, if your schedule is quite hectic, you should do the registration via Incorporator. This way, it will only take about 10 minutes and you will be done with the entire process.